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Why I Prioritize Travelling: The Top 10 Places I Plan To Visit

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One of my favourite things in the world is being on a plane

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Hey guys, hope everyone is having a good weekend, I know I’m taking this weekend to relax as much as possible. I made a list of literally 32 blog post ideas but here I am writing about something that was no where on the list but I’m so excited I had to get this out.

If it’s one thing I have learned from my Mother is the importance of taking vacations. The older I get I realize just how much being in the same environment all the time drains me. Whenever I feel over whelmed and stressed my mind naturally goes to looking at places to visit. Honestly just looking at places to visit is enough sometimes to get me out of the funkiest moods.


I’ve found it so important to go somewhere new,  meet people, have new experiences and genuinely enjoy being somewhere I’ve never been. I have first hand experience of how that soothes the soul and recharges you both mentally and physically. I’ve also seen the effects traveling has on the people I know, how it allows you to broaden your understanding of the world around you and equally as important, find your self and how you fit into the world (or stand out if I’m being completely honest).

Travelling to different places and meeting new people for most of my life I think hands down is the reason why I am as open and not judgemental as I am. Even if I don’t agree I am fully capable of understanding and seeing where different people are coming from and how dynamic situations truly can be.

I say all this to say I suggest everyone dedicate some time and of course your coins to travelling and exploring the world around you even if it’s just spending the weekend in a nearby city you’ve never visited ( I’ve done this twice already right here in the GTA).


Here is a list of a few places on my list to visit in the near future

Banff National Park Canada

Puerto Rico


St. Maarten

Atlantis Resort Bahamas







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Hope you enjoy the post, get out there and explore the world around you, and no, don’t wait until your retired,do it now.

Let me now where you’re panning on visiting next and your dream places to see, and where you’ve been already. I have a cruise coming up in a little over a month, hence my excitement about travelling that promoted this post. Get ready for a lot of travel content as I’ll be visiting multiple countries on this cruise.

~xo Shanique

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