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My new favourite DIY scalp and face mask

I cannot be the only one that was fighting the TikTok urge and then got sucked in! It’s so easy to get lost on this app. With that being said I came across a scalp and face mask recipe from @caroviee that I just had to try.

This DIY mask is for the scalp, for me I replace the peppermint essential oil in the original recipe for tea tree oil instead but you can use and essential oil you would like just depends on what your hair needs.

I applied the bas to my scalp, covered my hair with a plastic cap and let it soak for 20 mins before I proceeded to wash my hair out. The two things I noticed right away while washing my hair was that my scalp was very clean and not irritated. But more shocking for me, was how soft and manageable my new growth was. Normally when my relaxer is this grown out and I was my hair I get tangles in the roots that take forever to untangle but I had no such problem with his wash. I will definitely be implementing this scalp pre-poo moving forward because I am honestly so shocked by the results. Even days later my roots a significantly more manageable than I have ever known them to be in their natural state. Also if you have eczema (like me) or just dry irritated scalp, I would highly recommend this mask/scrub.

This is definitely my favourite D-I-Y face mask I’ve come across so far. I have realized that although I don’t like the taste of honey, my skin does. Especially combined with the lemon, my skin was visibly brighter and hydrated. The apple cider vinegar and the cinnamon helped to exfoliate the skin. After letting it sit on my skin for twenty minutes I wet my fingers and massage the mask onto my face (cinnamon particles exfoliated the skin) before rinsing it off with cool water to close those pores. The consistency is a little runny so make sure to lay down and enjoy the moment.

My skin and hair the next day.

Hope you guys try out these mask and let me know below how you like them. What DIY mask have you tried, I would love to know 🙂

Shanique xo~

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