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The Influencer’s That Inspire My Style

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My Go To Style Favourites From YouTube

YouTube is my absolute favorite platform that I spend an obscene amount of time on daily and these are the channels that I draw inspiration from the most. When it comes to fashion content, styling, hauls and just overall fashion inspiration I admire the curators of these channels and their style. I am sure you have all heard and are subscribed to these guys but if not, check them out you will love them, here are my top seven fashion curators.


Anyone that knows me know I am not one to be overly excited by anyone, no celebrity, icon , idol none of that. Basically if you’re not a beautiful body of water, a delicious plate of food or and amazing pair of shoes I’m rather unmoved. However Something about Victoria, the curator of Inthefrow, caught my attention and as held it since the summer of 2015. I find that our personalities are so different but our style are so similar. By no means the same but we connect on the important things like our love for Dior,Gianvito Rossi and Black ankle boots with standout heel details. And I think its safe to say that out love for jackets and coats would rival that of anyone. She changes my view on tailoring and really inspired me to give it a try, now I am in love with tailoring. I am inspired by her work and quality of her content, frankly if I had to pick one person that inspired me to finally start blogging it would hands down be her. Literally look forward to new videos and instagram  and blog post, I miss nothing and that’s a lot coming from someone who can’t even keep up with series for too long. Also, we share the same love for travel and FOOD so the admiration is unquestioned.

Inthefrow’s youtube

Samantha Maria 

Where do I begin with Sam, I mean I’ve been watching her since her channel was Beautycrush. Of the OG YouTubers  that I started watching back in 08/09, Sam is one of the only ones I still watch. I find her so genuine and down to earth, She has grown and evolved but her personality really hasn’t changed and I loved that. Also her content and evolved with her and I love it, our styles coincide more now than it every did and I love it. I also love her volt channel , I am not the biggest blog fan but I love her content,and now I am totally obsessed  with Indie. Sam is definitely my business motivation, I love what she and Jason have created with Novem&Knight, which is their fashion brand, and what they stand for. If you’re looking for good fashion and beauty content from someone that’s genuine and down to earth, look no further.

Samantha’s Youtube

Fashion Mumblr

Josie’s channel is new to me I only discovered her at the end of last summer, as fall is when I personally get really into fashion and that seems to be when I am drawn to my British fashion bloggers. Her more mature, girly, elegant style really grabbed me as it was so different to my style. Thanks to her I have a whole new love for whites, nude, and neutral pinks and have accumulated a lot of pieces in this course scheme this spring and summer. For me she is the perfect mix of personal style and trend styling as well as well as budget style with a high-end  aesthetic. Again I am more drawn to her fashion related content more than her beauty content and absolutely credit her for come shopping with me videos. In this pass year She has been a fashion inspiration for me and a complete motivator in the quality of content I want to bring to my own blog and other platforms.

Fashion Mumblr’s youtube


I don’t even know how I found Joel’s channel but it was during last fall, like I said that’s usual when I find new influencers from the Uk. I look forward to his recent pickup videos, and he definitely made me an admirer of the minimalist aesthetic. He’s put me unto street wear styling ( I didn’t know what drop shoulders were before lol) and so many street wear brands I had never heard of before like Off White, Granted and Fear of God. If your into your street wear this is the channel for you, and talk about instagram goals, again if your into that minimalist aesthetics this is your guy. Again really genuine personality, I think he creates quality, much-needed content and I am so inspired by his style. His blog is amazing but hands down one of the best instagram accounts you could possible following and his photography is exceptional (black & white photography has a special place in my heart).

Gallucks’s Youtube

Lydia Millen 

Lydia again is another fall discovery, her shoe collection video had me drooling, like her boot collection makes me weak in the knees. With that said, her content speaks to the designer lover in me kind of like Victoria but in a different way. a lot of what she wears I would never, it’s just not me but I love it and it has in a short time open me to new silhouette . I had never given a second thought to  Club Monaco until finding her channel. Aside from her fashion what I enjoy is her courage, I think of everyone I watch she’s got the type of life and personality that can easily attract hate. I think people really love to hate on her and she handles it with such grace and class that we should ALL embody. It blows my mind as to why but I think she is genuine, absolutely stunning and people should just enjoying the quality content and positivity she puts out.

Lydia’s Youtube  


I feel like I had come across Drew before but I got into watching his fashion related content around the same time I got into watching Joel’s content. Again his minimalist aesthetic is what drew me in, hands down some of the best photography on instagram. However lately it’s his DIY and decor content that has me, he’s got impeccable taste and has been an inspiration in my own redecorating of my room this summer. I like his style it’s like Joel’s street wear meats Victoria chic style and a little boho to jazz it would be how I see it. I think all everyone would learn a thing are two about personal styling and have your own edgy spin on things from watching his channel. And talk about true artistic talent, his DIY are epic and the standard by which I secretly judge everyone else’s.

Drew’s Youtube


Suzie is my catalyst as through finding her channel I found most of the other UK ladies that I now love and follow. Her beauty content is what drew me into her, I fell involve with her birthday get ready with me video and the reason why I had to have the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce vita palette (still own and love to this day). I think I found her channel in the fall of 2012 and binge water all her videos up to that point that same day. I’ve come to love her fashion content as well I feel like fashion wise I have watched her style grow and evolve. I love her personality and completely trust her beauty and skin care suggestions. Suzie , I give you full credit for why I was obsessed with the Dior nudeskin BB and the Sunday Riley Tidal Cream and still love these products to this day. I love where her channel and business has come and feel proud to recommend her to anyone. Her hauls and get ready with me videos are still my absolute favourites to date.

Suzie’s Youtube

Ashley Brooke

Ashley is definitely the newest influencers on my favourite list, I discovered her fall of 2016 and have never looked back. I belive I came across here while searching for Zara hauls and have fallen in love with her “How to Style” series. I love her style and how she breaks down the methodology behind her outfits individual and not just show the standard look book footage. Also her vlogs are some of the few that I watch and enjoy but again I love how genuine and down to earth her personality is. Her personal style is epic and a true definition of actual style. She wears her clothing they do not wear her and I love that and trust her opinions. If you looking for good styling tips and content check her out, especial with us now going into the fall, I cannot wait to see what he has in store this season.

Ashley’s Youtube

So guys, these are all the Youtubers I look to for fashion and styling inspiration and just overall entertainment as I do not watch TV. If your into fashion and beauty and are looking for some new channels, here you go. Or if you even know of these channels but haven’t check them out in a while, give them a look the content is A1.

Outfit Links 

Babaton Joan Short              Wilfred Adelisa T-Shirt       Steve Madden Cache Sandals

Hope you guys enjoys this post, I really enjoyed this one, really had t tame my excitement so I wouldn’t write a novel. Let me know about your favourites and any channels I just have to see. Especially with fall coming, I go in full fashion mode and welcome all the haul and styling videos.

xo- Shanique

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