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The Hair Products That Changed The Game: Kiehl’s

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Winter Routine Introducing Kiehl’s

Back in December, while shopping for christmas gifts in The Bay, I came across the  Kiehl’s store and more importantly their hair products.I was already a fan of their skin care products so I decided to go a more natural route with my hair products as well.

My winter hair routine was in need of a new shampoo and deep conditioner that would be capable of keeping my hair moisturized and stop the shedding that my hair is so prone to do this time of year.


A little back story on my hair, it is chemically treated and coloured. Last march I got a ombre on my relaxed hair (no bleach) and then in September , I had it colored back black and cut into a short bob. My hair naturally sheds a TON in the winter however in 2015 I discovered protein treatments  and that cut the shedding down, but this winter I really just don’t have the time to keep up with them. These 3 products from Keihl’s have cut  my wash day routine in half and my hair has not shed.

Shampoo: Smoothing Oil-Infused


This shampoo is paraben, silicone and sulphate free which is what I look for in shampoo. The fact that this was infused with argan and babassu oil is what attracted me as I wanted to be able to skip my pre-poo with oils. This shampoo worked out amazing, it lathers well with an amazing musky aroma due to the babassu oil. It did not strip my hair but cleansed it and kept if from being its normal frizzy self. Normally I  don’t think shampoo really makes a difference but this one definitely does. I recommend this to  anyone that suffers from dry and/ or frizzy hair but don’t want their hair to feel heavy or greasy.

Deep Conditioner: Sunflower Color Preserving Deep Recovery PAK


Hands down my favourite part of washing my hair is deep conditioning but it can be super time-consuming. I found that I did not feel the need to go under a hooded dryer with this conditioner. I just slather the conditioner  through my hair, put on a shower cap and leave it in for 15-20 minutes before washing it out. I find that my hair is hydrated, smooth, not tangled and easy to manage. This conditioner is silicone and paraben free, and loaded with sunflower and apricot oils. It also contains a blend of B3,B5,B6, and a UV-protective filter to maintain your hair colour. I think this conditioner is amazing for hydrating chemically treated hair and protecting it, like I said my hair does not shed even close to how it used to .

Leave In: Smoothing Oil Infused Leave In


This leave in is so lightweight, I love the texture as it falls in between an oil and a serum. I love that it is not sticky,it has the same musky aroma and is super lightweight. This is also infused with argan and bassu oil to aid in maintaining the moisture in the hair. I typically apply this as my sealant and through out the week on dry hair to maintain the moisture without the build up. This is the most expensive of the three but it is definitely worth it.

Over all, I could ask for more than simple good smelling products that do what they say. And more important has more of the ingredients my hair needs and none of what it does not. If you have problems with shedding or breakage I highly recommend using these items, especially if you don’t have time for a 15 product wash day routine.

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