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The Buy In : Gucci

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Luxury Purchase on a Budget

Photography: Shanique & Dora Petropoulos


As this is a space for us budget tight fashion lovers, your probably wondering what is happening here from the title, glad you asked. Basically I was in the shower (this is where true brilliance occurs) and this idea just popped up. I can’t be the only one that would love to invest in designer pieces that can carry into multiple seasons and doesn’t make our stomach turn at the outrageous prices, so why not start a series exploring the options on the blog?Clearly I found no reason why not, so here we are on episode one of The Buy In (very proud of this name if I do say so myself).


Gucci is the first brand in this series, no there is no reason why it is the first other than I fell involve with this piece and it qualified. Here are the questions I have come up with to help guide my choices and hopefully they will be of help to you all. Here are the seven questions I used and will be applying to all purchases in this series.


Check List 

  1. Is this a piece you love?
  2. Will this work with your current style and wardrobe?
  3. Is this piece trendy or classic?
  4. If the logo was removed would you still want it?
  5. Does the dollar value make sense?
  6. Can you justify the purchase? (will the answer convince a rational human being?
  7. Is it worth it full price or on a discount?


  1. I absolutely love sunglasses in general and I am an avid user, I use them all year round. When I went Into Sunglasses Hut I had no intentions of getting a pair from Gucci, but of all the ones I tried and saw, this was an instant love. I left it for two weeks and went back and nothing had change it was still the pair I absolutely love.
  2. Yes, the tortoise was definitely something I wanted to add to my collection for the fall and winter. The actual style of the sunglasses will work with my style and wardrobe for years to come.
  3. These sunglasses are actually a perfect combination of trend and a classic design. Its trendy simple because Gucci as a brand is very trendy at the moment. However the actually style of the shades is classic as well as the classic Gucci ribbon style colouring on the arms.
  4. Yes, the actual size and shape of the sunglasses and how they look on me is what made me fall in love. The coloured ribbon stripe was the extra pop they needed that had me falling in love. Logo or not I would still want and wear the shades.
  5. Yes, It’s in the mid range of luxury sunglasses averaging about $200 less than that of brands like Dior , Mui Mui and Celine. Also taking in regard the quality, and style and frankly the brand you’re paying for it equals out.
  6. Yes, the main justification for me is cost per wear, like I said before I wear sunglasses all year round and on a daily basis. Winter sunshine does not discriminate against drivers, so if you drive you know what I am talking about. Also since I started invest in much higher quality sunglasses (Raybans) over the last two and a half years, this is only my third purchase as they do not break like cheaper pairs had in the past. I went from having a ton of cheap sunglasses that would break and be replaces multiple times in one summer, to one a year for 3 years and none ever breaking.
  7. I absolutely think these sunglasses are worth their full price value of $435 CAD. However I would be lying if I said the promotion Sunglasses Hut was having didn’t help in my decision-making. This is my second purchase from them and they are a good place as they have a few promotions a year. This time around the deal was $75 off fashion brands over $300 CAD,So I got them for $360 CAD with tax $406.80 CAD. The discount lover in me could not turn down a good deal on something I love and would get the wear out of.img_7735

Now, if you wanted to buy into the Gucci brand but was not in the market for sunglasses I would recommend checking out their belts. Initially I though that would have been the route I went however using my checklist it was clear that was strictly trend led. Also realistically I never wear belts, it being Gucci would not have changed that, but if you do that is an option. Check further down I will have links to other pieces that would be worth consideration. With that said Gucci or not, sunglasses are always a good idea to buy into designer brands. They are helpful accessories to elevate any outfit, they don’t break the bank and they transcend time and trends.


Shopping Link

Gucci GG0036S

Other Gucci Options 

Green &Red Web GG Belt

Black Small GG Marmont Wallet

Red Mini GG Marmont 2.0 Camera Bag


Outfit Links 

Deila Convertible Dress

Elisa Leather Jacket

Diana Booties

Party Post Earrings


Hope you enjoyed this here first episode of “The Buy In”, let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear what brands you are interested in this series covering and what information your interested in knowing about the processes.

-xo Shanique

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