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Team Lip Oils?

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So I got rid of all my lip balms…

So I’m sure anyone that has crustasion lips like I did this past winter is holding onto their closet chapstick thinking I’m sick in the head. Now while that could still ring true there is reason to my madness.

So I don’t know about the rest of you out there in the world but living in Canada and going through Toronto winters, I had lip balms in every jacket, bag, pocket and crevice I could put one. So the fact that my lips always got really chapped had nothing to do with not having access to one at all times and using it, they just didn’t work or didn’t work for long.

I struck gold a few months ago back in march, when one of my favourite bloggers (Victoria from Inthefrow.com) posted about her favourite luxury lip balms and I came across lips oils. Of course my next step was to go into Sephora and pick up some lip oils. Two and a half months later I am happy to report, I am a completely convert and have replaced my lips balms with lips oils.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

The Clarins lip oils have made it to the top of my list as my favourite. These retail for C25 and I picked up mine from Sephora. These are my favourite because they have the thickest most comfortable formulation with the slightest tack initially that keeps them on for hours. They are so hydrating  and create  a protective barrier on your lips. If your lips are chapped, cracked or really dehydrated, these oils are perfect.

01- Honey, is the one I tend to use the most as a lip balm under other lip products, overnight and while i get ready in the morning. I personally do not think it smalls or taste like honey but it smells divine regardless.

02- Raspberry .smells like raspberry and is my most used as it was the first shade i got and I wear this on its own a lot as it offers a slight pink tint which I have loved all spring and now into summer.

03-Red berry, which is the best smelling of the three shades as well as the one that offers the most colour payoff. This has definitely been my most reached for shade for when im not wearing makeup or very little. It just makes your lips so juicy and so comfy.

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil

The YSL lips oils definitely make you feel so fancy, they hands down have the best packaging (yes it matters lol ). These are a lot lighter in texture and they do not last as long on the lips as the clarins oils but I still love it. The are perfect for spring and summer, especially when you don’t want or need that thicker layer of moisture. These retail for C36 so they are the most expensive of the brands this post will cover, but I think there worth it especially if you grab the brighter shades.

03- Undress Me is my most recent pick up from this line, it’s one of the lightest nude shades. For my trips this spring I wanted a nude shade that would be perfect for the beach and just really casual and this was perfect. If you’re looking for colour payoff this is not the shade for  you.

08-Pink About Me, was actually my first shade I picked up and my first lip oil. This has amazing colour payoff. I should note, that because this formula only last so long, the more you  apply the oil the more pigmented the colour becomes on you lip, it basically leaves a stain behind after the oil dissipates.

A slight downside to the stunning packaging of these oils is if you’re not careful with the wand the product will pool around the rim and leak. Now I’ve not experienced this personally but a friend of mine that I got into these lips oils as well, has had one leak and ruin her makeup bag so do be mindful of this.

Lancome Juicy Shakers

Finally is my newest acquisition in the lip oil department as they only recently became available to me here in Canada and these are the cutest things for summer. The juicy shakers I think have the best, softest, cushion most amazing applicator that makes you want to just sit and pat your lips with them non stop. I love that they look like little margarita shakers, I love the  packaging it’s almost impossible to spill ( I have tried) and the colour payoff is the best of the three brands. I currently only have one shade but I’ve been loving it for the three weeks I’d had it,  using it almost everyday and I’m already eyeing some more shades for summer.

Apri-Cute is a stunning orange colour, in the bottle it looks to have some shimmer but they do not translate on the lips. The colour is stunning and your lips look so juicy. The formula is very light and comfortable, with that said this last the least on your lips. But who cares, there so darn cute I don’t mind pulling it out, shaking it up and applying.

If you where eyeing any of these oils or your like me and was just tired of lip balms that don’t work, gives these a look you wont regret it, they are my best discovery this year so far. If you so, leave me a comment let me know what you think and let me know if there is any brand or shade I need to get.

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Molly June 19, 2016 - 10:17 pm

I definitely want to try out some lip oils! Lovely post!

notquiteabeautyguru June 20, 2016 - 12:54 am

You definetly should, thank you so much glad you enjoyed it.

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