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Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil 

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


Now I do not know about anyone else but when my skin is bronzed and glowy, I feel some type of way. However I have never had the guts to try traditional tanning products (mousse etc) because I am not trying to look orange. Gradual tanners,serum and oils are definitely my preferred and I have now found my holy grail with the luxe dry oil for St.Tropez.

This product claims to give a naturally looking streak free golden tan, that last up to 10 days and I completely agree. Even when I was on vacation I used this product initially to give myself a glow to keep me from wanting to layout in the sun directly (skin cancer is real people, don’t do it). When I am home I’ve used this before every major event this summer to get my golden goddess glow on and the level of moisture added to you ruin with this is epic. I would say your skin stays hydrated up to two days later with is great for someone like me that often just don’t have time to moisturize my whole body.


For $60 CAD you get 100 ml of liquid gold, you use a small amount so you will get your money’s worth. It is simple to use, shake it up ,rub a little into your skin wash your hands and let it dry for 10 minutes before putting on your clothes and your done. For the next 7 to 10 days your golden and literally have at least 3 days of moisture you don’t have to worry about. It doesn’t have that gross self tanner smell and it doesn’t stain (I sat on my white vanity chair right after and lucky it didn’t transfer). Oh and if you’re a packaging fanatic like myself, if I am spending that kind of money, expectations are high. The frosted glass bottle with gold accents does not disappoint and the weight is not bad either.


If you are in the market for a new self tanner and you want a fuss free easy to use option, I highly recommend this dry oil. Also if your mindful of the ingredients in products like I am, you can rest easy, the ingredients can be read with ease and it is jam-packed with natural oils like castor and grapefruit peel oil and much more. Links will be provided for where you can find this product, I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart ( had to get them optimum points) but I also know Sephora stocks it as well .


PS. Just realized there is a face oil version, now that we’re going into the fall I myself will be looking in to this product as well, stay tune for that review.

Comment below your favourites or products you want to try from St.Tropez. Let me know your favourite tanning products, and what you think of this post.

xo~ Shanique

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