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Spring Cleaning

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Closet Organization, Donation & New In

Hey guys! Welcome back, I know I have been missing for almost a month but I am back. This have been a bit crazy with school and work but the semester is almost over and I can’t wait to get stuck in creating content.
As I have been itching to switch over my closet in preparation for spring thanks to the slightly warming of the temperature and the sun staying out longer each day I figured I would need a game plan. This weekend being Easter long weekend and my first of my summer travels is quickly coming up, this weekend was the perfect time to get it done.

Game Plan

Closet Organization

  1. Empty out your entire closet: My bed knows the drill, everything gets laid out in categories so it is an organized mess.
  2. Decide on how you want you’re clothing laid out: The basics of my organization stays the same each season. First I organize by type (top,dress,denim, short etc), within the categories they are colour coordinated and the by lengths (sleeve lengths etc).
  3. Pull out the seasonal items in storage: I would love to have all my clothing hanging in my closet at the same time but due to lack of closet space that is not possible so seasonal switches are necessary .
  4. Donate: When it comes to the clothes  being put away, anything that’s damaged or I haven’t worn and can’t see myself wearing goes in the donation pile. Same rules apply to the spring clothing coming out of storage.
  5. Create a list: Once everything is refreshed an organized, now I can see were the holes are in my wardrobe. This is when I start making a list of what is missing so I know what to look .
  6. Shopping: I always start my shopping online, I hit up my favourite stores and do a scan for the items I am missing. Also I always make sure to check out the new arrivals ( this is were all my unplanned purchases come from). Grant it most of my shopping isn’t actually done online (thanks to Canada’s insane duties) but I like to plan my purchases.

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