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Raffia Bag Obsession: Boho Bags Review

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Handmade Bags From Bali

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


If you’ve been on any form of social platform this spring and summer, you would have seen straw/raffia bags everywhere. And if your like me, you wanted to get your hands on a really cool one to style up. BohoBags is where you need to go if you want some authentic, amazing quality hand-made bags.

I randomly came across them on Instagram and ordered right away on a total whim and I’ve never been so happy with an impulse buy in life, ever.

The bags are reasonably priced (in USD) and the shipping was fast, I received my bags in about a week no thanks to some delivery mishaps with DHL.


The bag that initiated the order is this round rattan bag (medium-white braid), I love this bag so much. It was trendy but different and so me,it’s the perfect creamy white colour that’s not stark and goes with everything. The leather snap closure,long strap is such a plus, they are both beautiful design elements and completely functional.

Hands down the bags are exceptionally made, the craftsmanship is stunning, not a stitch is  out of place. BUT…. the absolute best part of these bags are the linings. For some reason most straw bags are not lined, the ones I have from other brands are not, but these are and I love that. Not only are the linings functional and keeps things from slipping out the bag, but the are also stunning fabrics.


The second bag I ordered was the rectangular rattan bag in the aurora colour. I bought this with the intension that it would be a great evening bag and it absolutely is. However I have used it everyday for about a week straight and I love it. It’s defiantly a bag that makes you only bring what you actually need but yet it holds so much and goes with everything.


Shoppable Links

Rectangular Rattan Bag

Rattan Bag – White Braid

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Pink Candi Pants


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Hope you guys enjoyed this quick review of these bags from Bohobags, I really like supporting artisan brands and I mean it doesn’t get better than hand-made. Check them out, the quality and prices are great and the shipping was fast. Side note, I did pay $22 in duty  fees, so if you live in Canada too, there’s a good chance you will have to pay duties aswell.

Comment below and let me know if you too have been loving the straw bag trend and where have you found good ones. Stay tune for the next postcard to see where I got up to next and if you haven’t yet seen the one from Antigua, here you go Post Card From : Antigua

~xo Shanique

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