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Quarantine How-To – Guide

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Tips on surviving lockdown

1.Spring Cleaning

I think most people instinctively do a deep clean durning this time of the year ( I know I do). Once I was finish with online classes (class of 2020) I started cleaning out my close, skincare products, makeup and hair care. It really makes you feel more organized and purposeful in a time that feeling overwhelmed and lost can easily occur.

2. Read

One thing i have nit had time to do lately is read (specifically anything that had nothing to do with school), I have been very happy to get back into reading. My first stop was to buy some new books to read on the iBooks app on my iPad mini as thats my preferred medium to read. However I found out about this amazing app called Libby. The Libby app is basically having virtual access to the Toronto library. You can get a virtual Library card if you don’t have one, but if your like me and still enjoy the feel and smell then you just use the one you have. This is amazing because you get to sign out books just like you would at a physical library. Growing up books have always been an escape from reality and I’m sure we can all use a little escape right now.

3. Create a Routine

I found it so helpful and productive to create a daily routine and also taking time to actually be consistent with my skincare routine. There’s no reason to not come out of lockdown with hydrated glowy skin. The Ole Henrikson banana bright vitamin C serum has been my favourite new addition.

4. Get Cooking

This is the perfect time to try out some new recipe, make a few of your favourites you usually don’t have time for or just simple cooking at home if you usually don’t.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have been making plenty of trips to the kitchen the past few weeks and I’m not mad about it. I have tried out a new balsamic chicken salad, making my own bread and smores brownies. But nothing beats my classic treats of banana fritters and bread pudding.


Above is an invitation link for Instacart, we can shop together!

With all the at home cooking I’ve been doing, buying groceries is a must. But these line ups here in Toronto are not for the impatient ones like myself. This has driven me to finally trying the Instacart app and OMG I was under a rock before. You order your groceries from your local grocery stores and someone goes and picks it up for you and deliver it to your door. I love that they do real time updates as the shopper shops incase their needs to be replacements from products that are no longer available. If you have not tried a grocery delivery services I would highly recommend Instacart.

5. Try New Acitvities

My two new found favourite activities are virtual paint nights with the talented Trayarts (http://www.trayarts.com) and doing puzzles of beautiful art on the Jigsawpuzzle app. The virtual paint nights happen on live ( Instagram and Youtube) weekly with free ones on Wednesdays for the kids. It’s really easy to buy the packages from the website (linked above) and then pick it up the day before. I can’t wait for the mothers day paint night, I’m excited to do it with my Mom.

My painting from TrayArts virtual paint night .

6.Stay Connected

It is very easy to feel isolated durning this time so it’s important to take time to connect with your family and friends. This #stayhome order has allowed for the use of a plethera of apps and other mediums. So far I’ve got House Party, Zoom and all the usual suspects (FaceTime,instagram call, wastsapp video call) have made staying connected easily and entertaining. Most importantly, check in on your elderly and those vulnerable in this time.

7.Stay Active

Lazy girls everywhere stand UP! I had not done any real workout since July of 2019 so I’ve really taken this down time to work out. I have been taking the Body Sculptress Soca Aerobics class on zoom twice a week and the 30 day ab challenge and I’m loving it ( gotta balance the trips to the fridge lol). Honestly though, taking a walk now that the weather is getting better should be something we all do, if for no other reason than some fresh air and vitamin D.

8. Netflix Much?

If you were not already a die hard Netflix fan, you probably are now like the rest of us. I defiantly think they nail it with their original serious and movies. With that being said this lockdown has got me on more than just Netflix. Now I’ve got Prime videos and Disney +. I’m here for the throwbacks on Disney +, the movies on Prime ( can’t forget about Chicago Fire series) and Love is Blind on Netflix. I could talk shows and movies all day, but I’ll save that for another post.

9. Self Care

I know it’s obvious but it has to be said, take some time for yourself. There is no reason why everyone needs to be in over drive of ‘productivity’ as we see plastered all over social. Take a nap, drink some wine, put on a mask and take a bath and chill out. Check in on your mental health, if nothing else, take time for you and things you don’t normally have time for, I know I am.

Hope everyone staying home and healthy and that you find this list useful. Feel free to comment your own suggestions below to help us all out. If you have never been here before, Hi, my name is Shanique and i’d love to share my passion with you and I’ll see you on the next post.

If you want to keep in contact on other platforms you can find me:

Insta: @notquiteabeautyguru and on youtube as well.

Shanique ~ xo

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