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Post Card From : Antigua

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A Day On The Beautiful Island Of Antigua

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


To kick off this day in Antigua, I had a yoga class on the ship and it was hands down the hardest yoga class I have ever taken. With that said, it was absolutely amazing and had me in the perfect mood to enjoy a beautiful beach day.


After being picked up by my Uncle and stocking up and home cooked fried fish and festival we headed to Darkwood beach. This beach is on the Southwest cost of the island near Jolly Harbour and it was stunning. Hands down the clearest water of all the beaches I visited on this cruise. On this particular day the sun was hiding out so the water was pretty cold but it was beautiful and there was no seaweed in sight.


They also had this really cool area in the water where it was like a giant bouncy house of slides and other activities that I sadly forgot to get a photo of it ( such a bad blogger). But I imagine kids would absolutely love that, I myself found it very hard to resist.


It’s not contest in regards of water, although much colder, Antigua definitely has much clearer waters than Saint Thomas. However they lack in the amenities, Coki Beach in Saint Thomas definitely had far more activities and shops of various food options (like ice cream).


This beautiful one piece is from AerieSwim and I love it, if you’re a small girl who finds oone pieces usually don’t fit well, check them out. They have been my go to spot for swimwear for about 3 years now and they never disappoint.


  Some Of My Favourites

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White Smocked One Piece


It was such a relaxed day, the vibe and people were just so chilled and it was great seeing family I haven’t since I was little. I can’t wait to go back and really get to explore the island and tell you guys all about it, especially more about the local culture.

One thing I did notice while we drove thorough the town was they had little like Itty bitty gas stations that were literally like on the site walk, I was fascinated by that for some odd reason.

If you are loving this “Post Card From” series let me know in the comments below. If you have been to Antigua before, how did you like it? Stay tune for the next post card to see where I went next, and If you haven’t seen it already, head over tot he new YouTube channel (Notquiteabeautyguru) and check out my first video.


~xo Shanique


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