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NYX Lingerie Lipstick Review

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Liquid Lipsticks for dry lips?

Here in Toronto, over the last few months NYX counters have been popping up at Shoppers drugmarts everywhere. I picked up a few things here and there but really, I have been waiting to get my hands on the Lingerie liquid lipsticks.

As someone with dry lips that took a long time to warm up to regular matte lipsticks, I have been unusually drawn into this particular range. I’ve decided it has to be the fact that the range is all variations of neutral colours and I have been on a neutral kick of late. When I stepped into shoppers and saw the range was not only available but on sale, I had to grab a few shades.

Before I get into the specific shades I want to give my overall thoughts. I am very surprised to be completely honest to how comfortable these are to wear. They are by no means moisturizing, but they do not dry my lips out. I have been wearing these with just some clarins lip oils underneath and they have been perfectly fine. I did not do any special preparations before wearing the shades. And I am very happy to report that they are forgiving to unscrubbed lips with dry patches.

Wear Test 

After wearing these lipsticks for over a week straight I have noticed a few things. If I only apply one coat of the lipsticks I will have to reapply after eating anything greasy. Otherwise the lipstick stay in tact far beyond a regular work day. With that said, when I apply two coats these lipsticks stay on regardless of what I eat. I’ve literally had the same greasy food (KFC) for lunch all week to make sure this was in fact the case with all 5 shades.

Lip Swatches

1.LIPL109 Corset- this is a very light pink based beige nude, however on my skin tone is clearly pulls more beige you really don’t see the pink base.

2.LIPL101 Honeymoon- This is a grey based taupe colour (very mushroom brown), this is definitely harder for me to pull off, maybe more so for the fall.

3.LIPL102 Embellishment- Is a grey based plummy purple mauve shade.This shade is going to be so epic for the fall, I can see this becoming a favourite and very trendy fall lip colour.

4.LIPL104 Ruffle Trim- This is a warm terracotta nude shade. This has become my go too everyday lip colour. This is a great shade for all skin tones.

5. LIPLI12 Exotic – This is a muted brick red with a brown based  that makes this the perfect everyday deep fall lip shade without going too dark.


I love the formula of these liquid lipsticks, they have a mousey texture that is tacky until it dries down completely. They all applied very easy and smooth, there not patchy and the wear time is exceptional. With the shade embellishment in the tube its a bit chunky but it does not affect application or the wear. It could just be my bottle.

Final Thoughts

I think its pretty obvious that I love these products. I think the formula is ideal for someone with dry lips who doesn’t want to worry about flaking. Two coats are perfect for someone like me that would rather not reapply. The price point ($11-$13) or if you get them on sale like i did ($7.99) is very reasonable and the formulation surpasses the price point. I give these a 8 out of 10, I would love to see them expand the shade range.

Feel free to leave a comment, let me know which shade is your favourite and if there is anymore colours I should pick up.



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