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Natural Hair Journey

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Transitioning From A Relaxer


Anyone that knows me, know how much my hair changes on a monthly basis, I absolutely love experimenting with different styles and changing up my look by changing my hair. I am by no means attached to my hair, I have no problem cutting it off, however going natural is a different story.

I am not the most patient person and I get bored with my hair easy so sticking to the decision to go natural is going to take work and I’ve never truly been ready to make that decision. Back in the winter of 2010 I decided to go natural and transition from my colored relaxed hair and lasted about 6 months. To be fair at the time I was doing it because I was so in love with the natural hair movement on YouTube and I was fully submerged  in watching wash day routines for hours at a time (still do to this day). However, as I was not truly ready for it, after six months of two textures and severely dry hair, I went and got a relaxer and cut my hair short.  I’ve never given going natural any real thought  again until around January of 2017.

I caved in March and got my final relaxer, I needed to start this transition in the warmer months because historically that’s when my hair grows the most and require the least amount of work. Also it gives me time to figure out how to get my low porosity hair to hold unto moisture before dealing with a Canadian winter.

Three months later I have found products that have literally been keeping me sane because it’s keeping my hair from drying out and so unbelievably manageable. I never I would be hyped about new growth and excited to see more kinky hair sprouting from my scalp. These products have made my wash days so blessed and not stressed and my hair stays so moist I only moisturize  my scalp once a week, and then go through the whole regimen once a week.

Wash Day Routine


First things first, I found my new growth was really dry and would get insanly tangled when I washed my hair until I found these two products.  The Alikay Naturals Caribbean coconut milk shampoo is everything. The first thing that caught my attention was the nozzle, I love the applicator bottle design. This sulfate free shampoo is silicone, mineral oil and petroleum free.It contains natural and organic ingredients like coconut  Milk (slows hair loss & prevents breakage), coconut oil (stimulates hair growth , adds shine and locks in moisture) and Nettle (Adds vitamins and minerals to hair follicles to promote stronger  hair). This shampoo gets my hair clean without stripping it, and it does not tangle anymore at the roots. I love how liquified  it is and combine with the packaging allows for easy application directly to the scalp.

With that I paired the Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil strength & restore treatment as my deep conditioner. My hair has always responded well to JBC so a conditioner containing it made sense and OMG. This conditioner literally melts the tangles out of my relaxed ends I don’t have and knots to comb through. Also, I put this on my new growth and it softens and hydrates it, this is my perfect conditioner. To my pleasant surprise my hair isn’t shedding or breaking anything crazy so I thing this is keeping my line of demarcation strong (Amen for that). This masque’s key ingredients are organic shea butter, Jamaican black castor oil and peppermint. All together the hydrate and stimulate growth in my hair I love the way my hair feels after and the fact that I’m not spending hours detangling  my hair, this conditioner is worth the twenty-dollar price tag.


L.O.C Method


The products that I used as a leave in and a sealant I knew would not be enough so I’ve been on a testing spree and I’ve finally found the right products that work for me for the LOC method. Mind you before I would do the LOC method instead and would use a much lighter moisturizer.

I’ve found that my natural hair loves the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner when it is diluted with water. I mix this leave in with warm water in a spray bottle and then apply it and it hydrates and softens my new growth right up and is still not too heavy for my relaxed ends.

I honestly was not a fan of putting oils on my hair until I tried sweet almond oil, my hair actually absorbs this oil and it’s so light weight and just gets the job done. However JBC is still my choice oil for my scalp and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


My new cream of choice is the As I Am DoubleButter Cream, it has a light fluffy texture but it is very hydrating. Again adds so much moisture to my air and keep my hair moisturize all week.

All together theses products have reinforced my choice to transition as this is the softest I have known my natural hair to be. I am excited to see what my hair will be like as it grows out, as well I feel like these products will maintain my moisture levels especially when my hair is in protective styles.

If you’re contemplating going natural, take the plunge and do it, I mean after its hair, whats the worse that can happen. Further more it can always be changed and it will always grow. If you have any tips for transitioning leave them below I would love to hear them. I will be sharing my journey so let me know if there is anything you guys are interested in knowing along the way.

xo- Shanique

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