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Matt & Nat: Review

by admin

Fabi Mini- black

Photography: Shanique & Shaquille


Back on the journey of higher education this fall, came the need for a backpack for everyday use. The requirements where specific, it had to be big enough to hold text books but small enough to not look crazy on my small frame. It had to be sturdy, preferably leather because my school bags are known to go through hell.


Not having much luck finding the right backpack I had actually decided on getting a tote instead, still did not have much luck. I have recently become aware and interested in the role the fashion industry plays in our planets sustainability or lack there of, which reminded me I’ve been meaning to check out Matt & Nat.

Matt&Nat (material and nature) is a brand that commits to not using leather or any animal material. But also to source their materials from sustainable sources, they also use a lot of recycled materials such a cork and rubber.


The backpack I choose is the Fabi mini back pack in the black colour. the bag is made of PU (polyurethane) which is less harmful on the enviroment that PVC. My favourite part is that the lining of the bag is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. I’ve seen enough documentaries to know how bad plastic is for the enviroment and I am happy to support a brand that manages to recycle millions of platic bottles every year and use them to produced quality products.

The back pack is sturdy (maybe more so than actually leather), I do not have to worry about it scratching. I love how sturdy and robust the zippers and push closure fastening are, I have been known to have zippers and stitches coming apart after a few uses of other faux leather bags. I am happy to report I have been using this bag for about a month now, everyday, often packed with text books and I’ve had no problems. It still looks brand new and all the stitching and finishes are totally intact.


I love this bag, and totally recommend it, not only for its durability and practicality but let’s be honest , it is aesthetically  so appealing. It is stylish and sleek and minimal, what more can you really ask for. I love it so much I’ve already started contemplating getting the frost colour as a travel backpack.


If your on the market for a new bag, or wallets, card holders (yes I have been creeping the website) do not sleep on them like I had been. It is the perfect combination of great design, quality, price and sustainability. it is fashion you do not have to feel guilty about but in the same breath you’re not loosing out on style or quality. I am a total fan of the brand now, maybe you will be too. I recommend actually reading about the brand too when you visit the website, it is very interesting and inspiring.


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xo- Shanique

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Ines May 29, 2018 - 1:43 am

I really enjoy your style and the way you manage create such lovely fashion ideas. I will try the same style in the upcoming week…hope to look gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing x
Check out my blog post that comes with similar style ideas on how to wear things right way:

notquiteabeautyguru May 29, 2018 - 8:02 am

Thank you very much , I’m sure you will look amazing. I will definitely check out your blog too .


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