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Jewellery Love Affair

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Since lockdown I have really been feeling the itch to start wearing more jewelry which is so strange. I use to wear a lot of necklaces and earrings and recently (last 2 years or so) I really haven’t care for it much.

However I never though it would be so hard to find a jewelry brand that would offer really nice, trendy conscious pieces that still have classic qualities at a reasonable price and of good quality.

Instagram really came through when I came across an ad for Coutu Kitsch and clicked the link to check them out.

Talk about kismet, they were everything I was looking for. High quality, affordable and the right mix of classic/minimal and fashionable.

The fact that it is a woman owned brand based here in Canada was adding icing on the cake for me and I order my first 3 pieces right away.

Allegra Hoopshttps://www.coutukitsch.com/products/allegra-hoops?_pos=1&_sid=5b6ce6691&_ss=r
  1. Lyon Hoops- Was the first pair of earrings to catch my eye as it is simply enough for me to wear everyday but detailed enough to add interest and appeal to any outfit.
Lyon Hoopshttps://www.coutukitsch.com/products/lyon-hoops?_pos=2&_sid=00f591c73&_ss=r

2.Allegra Hoops- These are my new statement hoops. They’re so different from anything else I’ve come across. The weight of them does keep me from wearing them daily currently, but I haven’t been wearing anything but studs for months now so I’ll get use to it.

3. Grace Chain- Is the perfect flat chain ( do they still call these snake chains?) for everyday wear. It is minimal and stylish and looks good with literally anything. I got the shorter of the two lengths available and it sits beautifully only neck. I am definitely going to be ordering the longer length so I can layer the two. The quality is impeccable, and it feels just as good as it looks, nothing I hate like when jewelry looks good and then feels super cheap.

I highly recommend checking out this brand and all their pieces if your like and are on the hunt for some beautiful jewelry that isn’t overpriced but still delivers on quality. Even if you not on the market for it, check them out, there is something for everyone.

Hope you enjoyed my little review on CoutuKitsch and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

xo~ Shanique

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