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I Am Black And I Am Proud

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What a crazy time to be alive, who would have thought that in less than 6 months, 2020 would become the year we would never forget. We have been hit with the death of a basketball legend, a global pandemic, killer hornets and a new escalation in the fight against police brutality.

It has been such an emotionally draining time, being bombarded with so many news stories of the horrific mistreatment and murder of my fellow brothers and sisters. And as over whelming as it has all felt, it’s been so empowering to watch my people rise up and say enough is enough.

Melanin Poppin

It’s been so encouraging to new was that are now coming fourth and Officers being charged for the crimes they have commit. Even with that, there is still so much to do, especially with the blatant pacifying many governments and companies are doing to quite frankly quite our voices and have things go back “to normal”.

I am so proud to see the youth really taking charge even from home, reposting relevant information, donating and signing petitions. As well as really looking at brands and deciding where to spend their coins. At the end of the day thats the only real way that will force the hands of those who hold power, when we actively affect their bottom line.

I myself have personally been far more conscious about not just who I spend my money with but actively seeking out black owned businesses that can provide the product r service I am looking for.

I know it can feel so overwhelming but this is the time for us to keep passing the torch, not to put it down, but to keep fighting however we can. This year needs to remembered not for the tragedies that have occurred but for the long term changes that came from it.

I sa all this to say, I am black and proud and I stand with my brothers and sisters in the fight!

Hope you enjoyed this quick thought, I needed to say it!

Shanique~ xo

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