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Ever Realise You Have Too Much Stuff?

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The Importance Of Organizing Your Space

In the beginning of June one random evening after work, I walked into my room  and it dawned on me just how much stuff I had. It just felt almost suffocating, I had all this stuff that I wasn’t using and clearly didn’t need and it all just had to go.

So here’s the thing, at least twice a year I always go through my clothes and donate things I no longer needed but I was never truly strict about it and that’s what had to change. I had to tackle more than just my clothes I had to do a complete declutter and organizing of my space. This is  what I did and how I did it, hope it helps you out


My first order of business was to declutter my closet and get it organized. The goals for this section was to have pieces that were cohesive and work together that I loved and to have all aspects of my clothing organized inside my actual closet. As a person that does not like furniture, my goal was to have my closet set up in a way where I would no longer need my dresser and chest of drawers and instead get a desk with storage for my makeup collection.

Phase I- This was about  figuring out a way to get everything to fit in my closet and be organised. This prompted my very first trip to Ikea and the beginning of my obsession with that store. I opted for the algot system as it made the most sense for my needs. Once that was installed and ready it was time to tackle actually going through my clothes.

Phase II- This is where I had to be disciplined, I took out all my clothes, everything out of the closet, all drawers, all under bed containers. The mountain of clothes you are currently imagining, multiply that by 3 . I made myself a list of questions and criteria and if the item didn’t fit into these parameters then it just had to go.

The List    

  1. Is the item still in good condition (stitches, holes, stains etc)?
  2. Does the item still fit (tight, short,big)?
  3. When is the last time I wore the item (6 months or more per season and it has to go)?
  4. If I havent worn it recently, have I missed it?
  5. Does the item still fit my style?
  6. Is the item trendy or classic?
  7. Will I wear the item (where, when, with what)?
  8. If I saw this item in a store right now, would I buy it?
  9. Can I style the item in a multitude of ways?
  10. Is the item of quality or should I replace it with a more substantial option (basics)?

I used this list to go through all my clothing, and after I did this, the next day I went though it again. I think it’s so important to do this twice and really hold yourself accountable to this list. I had to let go of things that I was solely keeping because they where a gift and I literally never wore them. Sometimes the best thing to get your life in order its to let go of all baggage. Items that are just there and serve no purpose, let them go. If there are negative feelings or memories attached to them, get rid of them and never look back. If you don’t feel your absolute best in the clothes in your closet, they don’t need to be there and that’s the bottom line.

Doing this instantly showed me the things I actually love wearing and felt good in, the colours I like and what I actually need in my closet. Because I was realising all these things, I wrote them down in list, what I need and the colours I like that will guide my shopping so I don’t end up in the same position again.

Shoes Storage

I was always raised to keep my shoes in their boxes especially shoes I don’t wear everyday as a means of protecting them from dust I didn’t want  to not have that protection. However keeping my shoes in boxes kept me from wearing them because I couldn’t see them, so I went online to find a solution.

I was at work one day and it hit me, clear shoe boxes, I typed that into google and came across some at the home depot. Once I applied the same list I use for my clothes to my shoe collection I simply went out and got the number of boxes I needed. Clear shoe boxes are the best invention ever, my shoes are still protected from the dust but I can see what I have.

Makeup Collection and Storage

Surprisingly enough this was the easiest part as my taste in makeup has really changed over time and  they have expiry dates. The first thing I attacked was my collection of lip products as this was the largest part of my collection. Lip products have always been my favourite things to buy.I literrally got rid of two shopping bags of just lips products. If it was past it’s expiry date or smelt funky it went. If it was just a shade I didn’t care for I passed it on to someone who wanted it. After going through all my makeup I needed to change my current storage. My current storages were two plastic sterlite drawer sets that worked for a bit  but were not very functional nor were they very appealing to the eye. I decided on the Alex desk form Ikea with the Alex 5 drawer to store my makeup. Best decision ever, not only does it fit all my makeup and has room for growth, but it also meant I didn’t need a separate storage for everyday makeup on top of the desk like i had before with my dresser. It was functional, it was more aesthetically  pleasing, and it made for the perfect white background for product shots.

Overall deciding to really do  a serious clear out and get rid of things  I didn’t need and want (clothes, makeup,furniture etc) and replacing them with functional pieces has been the best. Not only is my space so much more organized,spacious and brighter, but within myself I feel more at peace and energized to get things done. I find it much easier now to sit down and get work done in my room, before I never would. I also just feel much better and just inspired and I can’t wait to see all the positive effects this will have on me.

If you have any tips and tricks on organizing your space or decluttering your closet please share in the comments. I am  currently trying to find better storage for my nail polishes that’s not wall racks so if you have any ideas for the let me know.


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