All opinions, views and conclusions mentioned on Notquiteabeautyguru are my own (Shanique Pinnock) and will always aim to be informed.

With that said they are never meant to be insulting to anyone who may disagree with them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and experiences, I only intend to share mine for the enjoyment and information for my readers.

Do remember products work differently for different people, my opinions are only references so do not be offended if we do not agree on a product I review.


I have created this space to be a reliable source of information on beauty, fashion and anything else I come up with.

You can expect nothing but my honest opinion expressed at all times in all categories. With that said I will give honest and informed reviews of everything discussed here ( I will read the instructions on products before testing,

To ensure my opinions are in fact informed),all criticisms will be constructive. This is what I expect from the blogs I read and so this is what I am offering here.


Unless otherwise informed (“Guest Post”), all posts on this blog are written by me.


All images used in posts are there to better reader experiences and belong to this blog and author.

With that being said, please do not use these images for professional use. If you would like to use any image from this blog please credit and link back to the blog.

Any external sources used on this blog can also expect to be credited. Plagiarism does not end in school and all necessary action will be taken to maintain the integrity of the content on Notquiteabeautyguru.ca.

Affiliate Links 

As of November 25, 2017 affiliate links will be used on this blog through Shop Style Collective, it will be made known when they are used as it pertains to the individual post.

See the contact page and contact me in the event of a discrepancy .

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