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New Launches : Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara

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Worth Every Penny?

Photography: Shaquille Pesso & Myself


As someone who has been wearing mascara for about 10 years now I have tried my fair amount, but have never been drawn to high-end mascaras. I am a drug store brand ride or die, never saw the point of spending a lot, like Maybeline mascaras will rival that of plenty higher end brands. With that said, I love innovation and Dior caught and held my attention with this new launch.

Without knowing anything about the formula or what the mascara was supposed to do I really wanted it because of the packaging. They have designed a bottle that allows you to pump the product and warm it up. I find that this function packs the brush with product that leads to some amazing volume on your lashes.


Not going to lie, when I saw the brush itself my hopes faltered a tad as I have found that plastic bristle brushes usually are better at lengthening rather than volume. To say how wrong I was to judge the brush is an understatement, this brush paired with the formula gives so much volume I actively scrape off some of the product as a means to tone down the awesomeness (my workplace isn’t ready for it).

I love when people ask me what lashes I am wearing and I’m not wearing any because it’s a true testament to the mascara’s I wear. Usually though I am layering a lengthening and a volumizing mascara to achieve the look, which over time I spend more on mascara because I go through them quickly. At $37 CAD I would normally gasp and clutch my pearls but given that I literally only use one very light coat, this tube is going and will go a very long way even with daily use.


I appreciate that you can control how much volume you get with how much you pump because where I will go anywhere bare faced, I will always apply mascara before leaving the house because I have some corner lashes that if left to their own devices will poke me blind.


If you where wondering about the new pump n volume mascara, just go and pick it up, you will love it especially if you love big bold lashes. And even if you don’t it’s just so cool you’ve got to see the pump-action results for yourself. I completely agree with the description of this mascara, ” A super- volumizing squeezable mascara with a fully loaded brush for instant, extreme lash volume”. I claims to be a creamy formula you soften with by squeezing that gives you volume in one sweep and I stand by that claim, that is exactly what it does for my lashes. I think this mascara is exceptional and the quality matches the price tag. This is why Dior is one of my all time favourite brands across the board, because they deliver quality products, a true representation of the idea that you get what you pay for.

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If you have any suggestions of other high-end mascaras I should try, leave them in the comments below. If you have tried this mascara let me know what you thought. Are you here for the volume?


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