Natural Hair Journey

Transitioning From A Relaxer Anyone that knows me, know how much my hair changes on a monthly basis, I absolutely love experimenting with different styles and changing up my look by changing my hair. I am by no means attached to my hair, I have no problem cutting it off, however going natural is aContinue reading “Natural Hair Journey”

Style Favourites 

An easy outfit consisting of my favourite fashion pieces Photography: Shaquille Pesso When you have to wake up early to get rather mundane errands done, the best outfit should consist of your favourite pieces. This is something I practice as I seem to always be getting up early to get things done. This particular morningContinue reading “Style Favourites¬†“

New Launches : Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara

Worth Every Penny? Photography: Shaquille Pesso & Myself As someone who has been wearing mascara for about 10 years now I have tried my fair amount, but have never been drawn to high-end mascaras. I am a drug store brand ride or die, never saw the point of spending a lot, like Maybeline mascaras willContinue reading “New Launches : Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara”

The Hair Products That Changed The Game: Kiehl’s

Winter Routine Introducing Kiehl’s Back in December, while shopping for christmas gifts in The Bay, I came across the  Kiehl’s store and more importantly their hair products.I was already a fan of their skin care products so I decided to go a more natural route with my hair products as well. My winter hair routine wasContinue reading “The Hair Products That Changed The Game: Kiehl’s”

NYX Lingerie Lipstick Review

Liquid Lipsticks for dry lips? Here in Toronto, over the last few months NYX counters have been popping up at Shoppers drugmarts everywhere. I picked up a few things here and there but really, I have been waiting to get my hands on the Lingerie liquid lipsticks. As someone with dry lips that took aContinue reading “NYX Lingerie Lipstick Review”

Ever Realise You Have Too Much Stuff?

The Importance Of Organizing Your Space In the beginning of June one random evening after work, I walked into my room  and it dawned on me just how much stuff I had. It just felt almost suffocating, I had all this stuff that I wasn’t using and clearly didn’t need and it all just had to go.Continue reading “Ever Realise You Have Too Much Stuff?”

Team Lip Oils?

So I got rid of all my lip balms… So I’m sure anyone that has crustasion lips like I did this past winter is holding onto their closet chapstick thinking I’m sick in the head. Now while that could still ring true there is reason to my madness. So I don’t know about the restContinue reading “Team Lip Oils?”

Skylar Skin

Forever Flawless Serum A few months ago, I think it was the end of November I met Brittany from Skylar Skin.She came into my work to talk about the new line we were carrying, which was the Skylar Skin: Flawless by Friday: 5 Day Detox System. I was really interested with this line because ofContinue reading “Skylar Skin”