25 Things I’ve Learned: Myself,Life and Other People

In twenty-five years here is a list of things I have learned about life Photography: Shaquille Pesso  April 28 marked my 25 birthday and I really felt compelled to make this list. For anyone that knows me knows just how crazy the last year has been for me and sometimes I myself don’t even knowContinue reading “25 Things I’ve Learned: Myself,Life and Other People”

Natural Hair Journey

Transitioning From A Relaxer Anyone that knows me, know how much my hair changes on a monthly basis, I absolutely love experimenting with different styles and changing up my look by changing my hair. I am by no means attached to my hair, I have no problem cutting it off, however going natural is aContinue reading “Natural Hair Journey”

The Hair Products That Changed The Game: Kiehl’s

Winter Routine Introducing Kiehl’s Back in December, while shopping for christmas gifts in The Bay, I came across the  Kiehl’s store and more importantly their hair products.I was already a fan of their skin care products so I decided to go a more natural route with my hair products as well. My winter hair routine wasContinue reading “The Hair Products That Changed The Game: Kiehl’s”