2018 Resolutions

Personal Wellness Goals

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


Welcome to 2018 guys!

Normally I am not one to have resolutions but after the 2017 came to tear me down, I’ve decided that I needed to step into 2018 with a game plan. I have never been so ready for a year to be over like I have been recently, I just felt like so much happened this past year and all though it wasn’t all bad and many good and positive things occurred, the bad, was astronomically bad. And as if just to give me a last kick, the last two weeks before the year ended included someone hitting my parked  car in the parking lot and leaving and someone stealing clothes out of the dryer  while my clothes were drying ( who raised these people). I say all this to say is that as much as I have a lot of goals this year ( work, school, and my blog) , the most important area for me is my personal wellness.

Here are my goals to help me get to where I want to be and remain sane in the process.


1. Yoga

I started going to a yoga studio near my house this summer and fell involve with it, I had so much energy and over just fell less stressed and happier after a session. However trying to balance school and work this past fall I felt I didn’t have time and so I didn’t go and I really felt the effects of it. This year I will make time and do yoga at least twice per week.

2. Laser Hair Removal

My number one insecurity I have is just how hairy I am and the marks I have from being plagued with ingrown hairs. I have looked into getting laser hair removal randomly throughout the last two years but have always put it out ( my pain tolerance is non-existent). With that being said thought, this is the year I am going to get something done I have already decided on a clinic and I am giving myself until February 1,2018 to get an appointment for my consultation done.

3. Eating Better

I am the worst at eating breakfast and I am going to change that this year, now saying I will eat it everyday is a stretch but I will try. To aid in this I will be keeping fruits and breakfast bars on deck so I can grab and go if needed. Also I will be cooking dinner atlas twice a week to ensure I am not eating out as much as I did last year. To go along with all this I will be picking up some cook books because I get really bored eating the same things at home so this will be the year of experimenting with cooking different (non Jamaican food). I have already picked up Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient cook book, but i have yet to try. Although I am not capable of being vegan (I LOVE meat), I will be incorporating more plant-based meals.

4. Sleep

I am someone who wakes up very early (as soon as the sun cracks the horizon), but I am terrible at going to bed. This year I am giving myself a bedtime to ensure I am intact getting enough rest because no matter when I go to bed, I cannot sleep in.

5. Skin Care

I am the worst person at removing my makeup before bed, and that will change this year. Having a bedtime will help with that as I will then have a time to get ready for bed. However if all else false  I will be keeping a pack of makeup remover wipes beside my bed for when exhaustion hits and I simple can’t get up and go to the bathroom. Also I’ve never had a facial, that will change, aiming to get one every month this year .


6. Massage

I love massages and I do not get them nearly enough, I have the most tense left shoulder (I carry a lot of tension in my neck and  shoulders) and sometimes it’s so bad it swells. This year I am making it a priority to take time out monthly to get a massage.

7. Reading

I need to make time to read more this year, and I mean my own personal reading, not relating to school. When I was younger I would get lost in books when I was stressed or felt down and they served as a healthy break from reality so I will be getting  back in to that. I currently have some books I purchased back in October that I haven’t gotta a chance to read yet. Here is the currently line up ; The Grim Sleeper (need to finish this), The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fu*k and the Rooster Bar.

8. Aromatherapy

Clearly I was living under a rock and did not know how amazing the bath & body works aromatherapy line was until November. I use the energy and the sleep body washes every day, I really like them and I think they work. However I think the real stars of the show are the candles, I have already gone through the focus , comfort and stress relief candles  and I am obsessed. This year I am definitely going to get into aromatherapy more as I found it so helpful and will be including reviews on anything good I find here on the blog.

9. Planner

I will look at my planner EVERY DAY!!! I amaze myself with how much I procrastinate, it’s almost like I reveal in rushing (I’m clearly insane). However I have been better using my planner now that I am back in school fully, but I now will include planning out content for my especially with all the content I want to create on here (exciting times ahead).

10. Time Out

I will make an effort to take time out for myself. Not entirely clear what this will look like exactly ,but me time is a must this year. I literally will take an entire day to myself atlas once a month to do something for me ( could very easily be me in bed with a book ).


What are your resolutions this? Are you looking to make better choices when it comes to taking care of yourself? Let me know, I would love some suggestions for any of my listed resolutions. Leave your comments below, what do you want to see on here?


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Boxing Day/Week Sale : AllSaints

Photography: Shaquille Pesso

Hey guys I am just dropping this quick post to give you all a heads up on the AllSaints sale that it going on. Lately I have been loving AllSaints and here are my top 10 picks worth checking out in the sale . Items are 30-50% off and select items also include an additional promo discount.

  1. Hawley Oversized Shearling Jacket
  2. Balfern Pink Suede Biker
  3. Opal Pink Sura Tie Neck Sweater
  4. Harley Crew Neck
  5. Ray Small Bucket Bag (Berry Red)
  6. Ive Heel Boots (Coffee Brown )
  7. Safia Sneaker (Sepia Pink)
  8. Debbie Payton Leather jacket
  9. Remi Jacket (Vintage Rose)
  10. Kia Small Leather Wallet (black)

Links used are affiliate links *

Outfit Details

Top: Erdem x H&M                Jeans: Dynamite            Boots: Marciano Widow Boots

How are you enjoying the Boxing Day / Week sales? What have you picked up or do you even shop the sales? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Shopping !

~xo Shanique

Christmas Gift Guide

My Christmas Wish List and Suggestions

Photography: @theenigmastudio

Hey Guys, I know I am cutting it close with this wish list but technical difficulties put a delay on this post.  This is everything I would love to receive for christmas and just good options if you’re shopping for a fashion lover like myself. Enjoy and let me know what is on your list this year. Have you been naughty or nice ?


My List 

Fashion Picks

All Saints Balfern Lux Biker

All Saints Hawley Oversized Shearling

All Saints Ray Small Bucket Bag (Black)

All Saints Nuri Boot (Black)

All Saints Keats Funnel Neck Sweater

Aritzia Wilfred Essonne Skirt

Aritzia Babaton Mika Sweater


Ted Baker Check Long Wrap Coat

Ted Baker Metallic Trim Sneakers

Ted Baker Mini Exotic Moon Bag

Jewelry Picks 

Monica Vinader Linear Bead Chain Bracelet

Mejuri Bar Necklace

Mejuri Flower Studs

Astrid & Miyu Wish Bone Ear Cuff

Astrid &Miyu Fine Line Diamond Ear Cuff

Astrid &Miyu Gold Taurus Zodiac Earrings


Tech Picks

Olympus E-PL8 White body 14-42mm IIR Silver Lens

M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150 mm f4.0-5.6 R (Silver)

Oral B Pro 5000 SmartSeries

Mia Fit with Lance Energie Set

Go Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device

Iluminage -Touch Permanent Hair Reduction (Silver)


Outfit Details 

Favourite black Bodysuit             Anna Tulle Skirt (similar feel)        Widow Boots (Better



I am thinking about doing a last minute gift guide for him, let me know if your interested and I will get that up this week.

xo- Shanique

The Buy In : Gucci

Luxury Purchase on a Budget

Photography: Shanique & Dora Petropoulos


As this is a space for us budget tight fashion lovers, your probably wondering what is happening here from the title, glad you asked. Basically I was in the shower (this is where true brilliance occurs) and this idea just popped up. I can’t be the only one that would love to invest in designer pieces that can carry into multiple seasons and doesn’t make our stomach turn at the outrageous prices, so why not start a series exploring the options on the blog?Clearly I found no reason why not, so here we are on episode one of The Buy In (very proud of this name if I do say so myself).


Gucci is the first brand in this series, no there is no reason why it is the first other than I fell involve with this piece and it qualified. Here are the questions I have come up with to help guide my choices and hopefully they will be of help to you all. Here are the seven questions I used and will be applying to all purchases in this series.


Check List 

  1. Is this a piece you love?
  2. Will this work with your current style and wardrobe?
  3. Is this piece trendy or classic?
  4. If the logo was removed would you still want it?
  5. Does the dollar value make sense?
  6. Can you justify the purchase? (will the answer convince a rational human being?
  7. Is it worth it full price or on a discount?


  1. I absolutely love sunglasses in general and I am an avid user, I use them all year round. When I went Into Sunglasses Hut I had no intentions of getting a pair from Gucci, but of all the ones I tried and saw, this was an instant love. I left it for two weeks and went back and nothing had change it was still the pair I absolutely love.
  2. Yes, the tortoise was definitely something I wanted to add to my collection for the fall and winter. The actual style of the sunglasses will work with my style and wardrobe for years to come.
  3. These sunglasses are actually a perfect combination of trend and a classic design. Its trendy simple because Gucci as a brand is very trendy at the moment. However the actually style of the shades is classic as well as the classic Gucci ribbon style colouring on the arms.
  4. Yes, the actual size and shape of the sunglasses and how they look on me is what made me fall in love. The coloured ribbon stripe was the extra pop they needed that had me falling in love. Logo or not I would still want and wear the shades.
  5. Yes, It’s in the mid range of luxury sunglasses averaging about $200 less than that of brands like Dior , Mui Mui and Celine. Also taking in regard the quality, and style and frankly the brand you’re paying for it equals out.
  6. Yes, the main justification for me is cost per wear, like I said before I wear sunglasses all year round and on a daily basis. Winter sunshine does not discriminate against drivers, so if you drive you know what I am talking about. Also since I started invest in much higher quality sunglasses (Raybans) over the last two and a half years, this is only my third purchase as they do not break like cheaper pairs had in the past. I went from having a ton of cheap sunglasses that would break and be replaces multiple times in one summer, to one a year for 3 years and none ever breaking.
  7. I absolutely think these sunglasses are worth their full price value of $435 CAD. However I would be lying if I said the promotion Sunglasses Hut was having didn’t help in my decision-making. This is my second purchase from them and they are a good place as they have a few promotions a year. This time around the deal was $75 off fashion brands over $300 CAD,So I got them for $360 CAD with tax $406.80 CAD. The discount lover in me could not turn down a good deal on something I love and would get the wear out of.img_7735

Now, if you wanted to buy into the Gucci brand but was not in the market for sunglasses I would recommend checking out their belts. Initially I though that would have been the route I went however using my checklist it was clear that was strictly trend led. Also realistically I never wear belts, it being Gucci would not have changed that, but if you do that is an option. Check further down I will have links to other pieces that would be worth consideration. With that said Gucci or not, sunglasses are always a good idea to buy into designer brands. They are helpful accessories to elevate any outfit, they don’t break the bank and they transcend time and trends.


Shopping Link

Gucci GG0036S

Other Gucci Options 

Green &Red Web GG Belt

Black Small GG Marmont Wallet

Red Mini GG Marmont 2.0 Camera Bag


Outfit Links 

Deila Convertible Dress

Elisa Leather Jacket

Diana Booties

Party Post Earrings


Hope you enjoyed this here first episode of “The Buy In”, let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear what brands you are interested in this series covering and what information your interested in knowing about the processes.

-xo Shanique

Matt & Nat: Review

Fabi Mini- black

Photography: Shanique & Shaquille


Back on the journey of higher education this fall, came the need for a backpack for everyday use. The requirements where specific, it had to be big enough to hold text books but small enough to not look crazy on my small frame. It had to be sturdy, preferably leather because my school bags are known to go through hell.


Not having much luck finding the right backpack I had actually decided on getting a tote instead, still did not have much luck. I have recently become aware and interested in the role the fashion industry plays in our planets sustainability or lack there of, which reminded me I’ve been meaning to check out Matt & Nat.

Matt&Nat (material and nature) is a brand that commits to not using leather or any animal material. But also to source their materials from sustainable sources, they also use a lot of recycled materials such a cork and rubber.


The backpack I choose is the Fabi mini back pack in the black colour. the bag is made of PU (polyurethane) which is less harmful on the enviroment that PVC. My favourite part is that the lining of the bag is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. I’ve seen enough documentaries to know how bad plastic is for the enviroment and I am happy to support a brand that manages to recycle millions of platic bottles every year and use them to produced quality products.

The back pack is sturdy (maybe more so than actually leather), I do not have to worry about it scratching. I love how sturdy and robust the zippers and push closure fastening are, I have been known to have zippers and stitches coming apart after a few uses of other faux leather bags. I am happy to report I have been using this bag for about a month now, everyday, often packed with text books and I’ve had no problems. It still looks brand new and all the stitching and finishes are totally intact.


I love this bag, and totally recommend it, not only for its durability and practicality but let’s be honest , it is aesthetically  so appealing. It is stylish and sleek and minimal, what more can you really ask for. I love it so much I’ve already started contemplating getting the frost colour as a travel backpack.


If your on the market for a new bag, or wallets, card holders (yes I have been creeping the website) do not sleep on them like I had been. It is the perfect combination of great design, quality, price and sustainability. it is fashion you do not have to feel guilty about but in the same breath you’re not loosing out on style or quality. I am a total fan of the brand now, maybe you will be too. I recommend actually reading about the brand too when you visit the website, it is very interesting and inspiring.


Shopping Links 

Fabi Mini Black

Fabi Mini Frost

Check Out 

Matt&Nat Material and Production

Matt&Natt Ethics & Sustainability

Matt&Nat Transparency

Outfit Links 

Marciano Nikki Bootie

Marciano Mariana Tee

Marciano Misty Leather Jacket

xo- Shanique

Fall Trends: Prints

Autumn Prairie

Photography: Shaquille Pesso

Autumn floral print were popular last year and the trend is here full force for the current season. From Asian inspired prints to oversized and  smaller floral prints like the “Autumn Prairie” prints I am loving. Here is my take on the trend and how I have been enjoying incorporating the trend while spending a fun Sunday lunching and shooting in the city.

Outfit Details

Top Wild Flower Top          Bottom Wild Flower Short        Boots Diana bootie

Earrings Crescent Hoop Earrings


Shop the Trend 

Vero Moda Dress

Talia Bootie

Zara Dress

Zara patch Work Jacket


Happy Shopping !

xo- Shanique

Fall Trend: Red

Ring The Alarm

Photography: Shaquille Pesso

Location: Graffiti Alley Toronto 


If you didn’t already know, now you know, red is the hit colour in fashion for Fall 2017.

I personally always look forward to the deep burgundy and dark bordeaux shades this time of the year but I am all for this trend of a bright bold red. Let’s look at some options for integrating it in your wardrobe and the pieces I have my eye on.


The limited edition Guess Originals Capsule collection was my first step for getting a red piece this season. I love that they pulled out their 90’s pieces and gave them a 2017 update, there is something in this collection for everyone. When I saw the Logo sweatshirt in red I absolutely had to have it, get ready to see me live in this piece. This sweater also comes in grey, however now I am itching to grab the logo t-shirt as well, this collection is a must see.


OutFit Details

Guess Logo Sweater           Noisy May Skirt       Marciano Raina Sock Boots

This black denim skirt from Nosy May teamed with the new Marciano Raina sock books were the perfect pieces to style with this sweater.


Can we talk about the AMAZING artwork that is Graffiti Alley, if you have never been, you must check it out.

Wish List : Red pieces

Here are some of the red pieces that have caught my eye this season so far.

Shayna Drape Leather Jacket (Wine)

Truffle Collection boots

Coach Selena Grace bag

River Island Frill Pants

Blank NYC Suede Jacket

Are you feeling this bright red trend? Let me know what you’re picking up or if you’re avoiding this trend all together. Check out the links, all are amazing pieces that would be easy to style in any wardrobe.

xo~ Shanique

Cuba Lookbook

What I Wore This Week 

Photography by: Shaquille Pesso

Hey guys! Hope you have been enjoying the bikini lookbook’s from Cuba, today we are going to look through the outfits I sported on this trip. Shoppable links will be included at the end for everything still available or similar, let’s get into it.

Day One 

After being up early and flying I just wanted something comfortable for dinner


I have no idea wear to find this maxi dress as I have had it for a few years now and it was a gift.

Sandal:Steve Madden Cache

Day Two


Top: Marciano


Heels:Steve Madden Sarandon

Day Three



Heels:Steve Madden Gracey

Lipstick:MAC Lady Danger

Day Four 


Top:Wilfred Free Lais

Shorts:Alvin short with pin stripe

Bag:Nine West Ania Different Colour

Sandals:Steve Madden Colorful

Day Five 



Bag:Aldo Similar

Heels:Steve Madden Sarandon

Day Six 


Top: Marciano

Bralette:Babaton Justin Bralette

Skirt:Nosey May

Sandals:Steve Madden Cache

Day Seven 



Heels: Callitspring

Bag: Guess

Day Eight 

Airport Attire


Romper: Guess

Sandals:Steve Madden Colorful

I hope everyone has enjoyed the end of summer and is ready for fall fashion ( I know i am ) and that you have enjoyed seeing what I wore In Cuba. Let me know what was your favourite outfit in the comments  below.

xo~ Shanique


Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil 

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


Now I do not know about anyone else but when my skin is bronzed and glowy, I feel some type of way. However I have never had the guts to try traditional tanning products (mousse etc) because I am not trying to look orange. Gradual tanners,serum and oils are definitely my preferred and I have now found my holy grail with the luxe dry oil for St.Tropez.

This product claims to give a naturally looking streak free golden tan, that last up to 10 days and I completely agree. Even when I was on vacation I used this product initially to give myself a glow to keep me from wanting to layout in the sun directly (skin cancer is real people, don’t do it). When I am home I’ve used this before every major event this summer to get my golden goddess glow on and the level of moisture added to you ruin with this is epic. I would say your skin stays hydrated up to two days later with is great for someone like me that often just don’t have time to moisturize my whole body.


For $60 CAD you get 100 ml of liquid gold, you use a small amount so you will get your money’s worth. It is simple to use, shake it up ,rub a little into your skin wash your hands and let it dry for 10 minutes before putting on your clothes and your done. For the next 7 to 10 days your golden and literally have at least 3 days of moisture you don’t have to worry about. It doesn’t have that gross self tanner smell and it doesn’t stain (I sat on my white vanity chair right after and lucky it didn’t transfer). Oh and if you’re a packaging fanatic like myself, if I am spending that kind of money, expectations are high. The frosted glass bottle with gold accents does not disappoint and the weight is not bad either.


If you are in the market for a new self tanner and you want a fuss free easy to use option, I highly recommend this dry oil. Also if your mindful of the ingredients in products like I am, you can rest easy, the ingredients can be read with ease and it is jam-packed with natural oils like castor and grapefruit peel oil and much more. Links will be provided for where you can find this product, I got mine from Shoppers Drug Mart ( had to get them optimum points) but I also know Sephora stocks it as well .


PS. Just realized there is a face oil version, now that we’re going into the fall I myself will be looking in to this product as well, stay tune for that review.

Comment below your favourites or products you want to try from St.Tropez. Let me know your favourite tanning products, and what you think of this post.

xo~ Shanique

Shop Links 

Dry Luxe Tan Oil 



Luxe Dry Oil for Face