Jewellery Love Affair


Since lockdown I have really been feeling the itch to start wearing more jewelry which is so strange. I use to wear a lot of necklaces and earrings and recently (last 2 years or so) I really haven’t care for it much.

However I never though it would be so hard to find a jewelry brand that would offer really nice, trendy conscious pieces that still have classic qualities at a reasonable price and of good quality.

Instagram really came through when I came across an ad for Coutu Kitsch and clicked the link to check them out.

Talk about kismet, they were everything I was looking for. High quality, affordable and the right mix of classic/minimal and fashionable.

The fact that it is a woman owned brand based here in Canada was adding icing on the cake for me and I order my first 3 pieces right away.

Allegra Hoopshttps://www.coutukitsch.com/products/allegra-hoops?_pos=1&_sid=5b6ce6691&_ss=r
  1. Lyon Hoops- Was the first pair of earrings to catch my eye as it is simply enough for me to wear everyday but detailed enough to add interest and appeal to any outfit.
Lyon Hoopshttps://www.coutukitsch.com/products/lyon-hoops?_pos=2&_sid=00f591c73&_ss=r

2.Allegra Hoops- These are my new statement hoops. They’re so different from anything else I’ve come across. The weight of them does keep me from wearing them daily currently, but I haven’t been wearing anything but studs for months now so I’ll get use to it.

3. Grace Chain- Is the perfect flat chain ( do they still call these snake chains?) for everyday wear. It is minimal and stylish and looks good with literally anything. I got the shorter of the two lengths available and it sits beautifully only neck. I am definitely going to be ordering the longer length so I can layer the two. The quality is impeccable, and it feels just as good as it looks, nothing I hate like when jewelry looks good and then feels super cheap.

I highly recommend checking out this brand and all their pieces if your like and are on the hunt for some beautiful jewelry that isn’t overpriced but still delivers on quality. Even if you not on the market for it, check them out, there is something for everyone.

Hope you enjoyed my little review on CoutuKitsch and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

xo~ Shanique


I Am Black And I Am Proud

What a crazy time to be alive, who would have thought that in less than 6 months, 2020 would become the year we would never forget. We have been hit with the death of a basketball legend, a global pandemic, killer hornets and a new escalation in the fight against police brutality.

It has been such an emotionally draining time, being bombarded with so many news stories of the horrific mistreatment and murder of my fellow brothers and sisters. And as over whelming as it has all felt, it’s been so empowering to watch my people rise up and say enough is enough.

Melanin Poppin

It’s been so encouraging to new was that are now coming fourth and Officers being charged for the crimes they have commit. Even with that, there is still so much to do, especially with the blatant pacifying many governments and companies are doing to quite frankly quite our voices and have things go back “to normal”.

I am so proud to see the youth really taking charge even from home, reposting relevant information, donating and signing petitions. As well as really looking at brands and deciding where to spend their coins. At the end of the day thats the only real way that will force the hands of those who hold power, when we actively affect their bottom line.

I myself have personally been far more conscious about not just who I spend my money with but actively seeking out black owned businesses that can provide the product r service I am looking for.

I know it can feel so overwhelming but this is the time for us to keep passing the torch, not to put it down, but to keep fighting however we can. This year needs to remembered not for the tragedies that have occurred but for the long term changes that came from it.

I sa all this to say, I am black and proud and I stand with my brothers and sisters in the fight!

Hope you enjoyed this quick thought, I needed to say it!

Shanique~ xo


At Home Nails (Press On)

Shan Nail It Custom Press-On Nail Review

I know I am not the only one who just had to get their gels off because they were grown out and not attractive at all. In the beginning (before line ups became a thing) I ran into Shoppers Drug-mart to grab some essentials I didn’t have to take of my gels, that was cute and all but nothing competes with a professional skill set I don’t have.

When I saw Shan Nail It announce she was coming out with custom press on nails, I jumped all over it.

The process was very simple, orders are placed on the shan.nailedit instagram page by sending a DM. There are 3 size/shapes available and you can send a photo of the design you want for your set, She does deliveries in the GTA as well as shipping. I sent my order in pretty late one night and got them four days later.

I love the face that in your bag you receive a nail file, block, glue and an alcohol wipe pad as well as instructions for how to prep your natural nails and how to apply the press- on. The best part is, they can be re-used if you take care when removing them.

The nail glue you get in the kit works well and feel secure, but if you clumsy and hard on your hands like I am, I found that the Magic brand nail glue (pink and black bottles from the beauty supply stores) has a much strong hold and I don’t have to be careful with them. With that being said they’ll be more work to take off when using this glue. You can probably fine it on Amazon, I was stocked piled from using them for my braids for the last two years.

I would highly recommend these press ons, they were beautifully made, my nails looked and felt as though I had gotten them sone professionally. And once outside is open up I will definitely be making appointments with Shan Nail It. I have no problems spending my money on quality work, especially when it comes from a young black female entrepreneur .

I can see myself ordering more even beyond lockdown, these would be so great for quick trips and as a back up for when you’re simply too busy to book an appointment. Or better If you have a job where you can’t have nails, this would be great for weekends trips and vacations (My Mom already said this is what’s she’s doing from now on because she too can’t have nails at her job). If you live in Toronto I really hope you check her out and support and if your outside the city, DM her, I know she’s also doing shipment for the press ons.

If you enjoyed this post leave a like and comment below let me know what you think. How have you been keeping your nails in shape durning this time?

Shanique xo~


Quarantine How-To – Guide

Tips on surviving lockdown

1.Spring Cleaning

I think most people instinctively do a deep clean durning this time of the year ( I know I do). Once I was finish with online classes (class of 2020) I started cleaning out my close, skincare products, makeup and hair care. It really makes you feel more organized and purposeful in a time that feeling overwhelmed and lost can easily occur.

2. Read

One thing i have nit had time to do lately is read (specifically anything that had nothing to do with school), I have been very happy to get back into reading. My first stop was to buy some new books to read on the iBooks app on my iPad mini as thats my preferred medium to read. However I found out about this amazing app called Libby. The Libby app is basically having virtual access to the Toronto library. You can get a virtual Library card if you don’t have one, but if your like me and still enjoy the feel and smell then you just use the one you have. This is amazing because you get to sign out books just like you would at a physical library. Growing up books have always been an escape from reality and I’m sure we can all use a little escape right now.

3. Create a Routine

I found it so helpful and productive to create a daily routine and also taking time to actually be consistent with my skincare routine. There’s no reason to not come out of lockdown with hydrated glowy skin. The Ole Henrikson banana bright vitamin C serum has been my favourite new addition.

4. Get Cooking

This is the perfect time to try out some new recipe, make a few of your favourites you usually don’t have time for or just simple cooking at home if you usually don’t.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have been making plenty of trips to the kitchen the past few weeks and I’m not mad about it. I have tried out a new balsamic chicken salad, making my own bread and smores brownies. But nothing beats my classic treats of banana fritters and bread pudding.


Above is an invitation link for Instacart, we can shop together!

With all the at home cooking I’ve been doing, buying groceries is a must. But these line ups here in Toronto are not for the impatient ones like myself. This has driven me to finally trying the Instacart app and OMG I was under a rock before. You order your groceries from your local grocery stores and someone goes and picks it up for you and deliver it to your door. I love that they do real time updates as the shopper shops incase their needs to be replacements from products that are no longer available. If you have not tried a grocery delivery services I would highly recommend Instacart.

5. Try New Acitvities

My two new found favourite activities are virtual paint nights with the talented Trayarts (http://www.trayarts.com) and doing puzzles of beautiful art on the Jigsawpuzzle app. The virtual paint nights happen on live ( Instagram and Youtube) weekly with free ones on Wednesdays for the kids. It’s really easy to buy the packages from the website (linked above) and then pick it up the day before. I can’t wait for the mothers day paint night, I’m excited to do it with my Mom.

My painting from TrayArts virtual paint night .

6.Stay Connected

It is very easy to feel isolated durning this time so it’s important to take time to connect with your family and friends. This #stayhome order has allowed for the use of a plethera of apps and other mediums. So far I’ve got House Party, Zoom and all the usual suspects (FaceTime,instagram call, wastsapp video call) have made staying connected easily and entertaining. Most importantly, check in on your elderly and those vulnerable in this time.

7.Stay Active

Lazy girls everywhere stand UP! I had not done any real workout since July of 2019 so I’ve really taken this down time to work out. I have been taking the Body Sculptress Soca Aerobics class on zoom twice a week and the 30 day ab challenge and I’m loving it ( gotta balance the trips to the fridge lol). Honestly though, taking a walk now that the weather is getting better should be something we all do, if for no other reason than some fresh air and vitamin D.

8. Netflix Much?

If you were not already a die hard Netflix fan, you probably are now like the rest of us. I defiantly think they nail it with their original serious and movies. With that being said this lockdown has got me on more than just Netflix. Now I’ve got Prime videos and Disney +. I’m here for the throwbacks on Disney +, the movies on Prime ( can’t forget about Chicago Fire series) and Love is Blind on Netflix. I could talk shows and movies all day, but I’ll save that for another post.

9. Self Care

I know it’s obvious but it has to be said, take some time for yourself. There is no reason why everyone needs to be in over drive of ‘productivity’ as we see plastered all over social. Take a nap, drink some wine, put on a mask and take a bath and chill out. Check in on your mental health, if nothing else, take time for you and things you don’t normally have time for, I know I am.

Hope everyone staying home and healthy and that you find this list useful. Feel free to comment your own suggestions below to help us all out. If you have never been here before, Hi, my name is Shanique and i’d love to share my passion with you and I’ll see you on the next post.

If you want to keep in contact on other platforms you can find me:

Insta: @notquiteabeautyguru and on youtube as well.

Shanique ~ xo


Most worn Essiential : White Sneakers

I Think I Fell In love With Converse?

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


This year I went from owning no sneakers to falling for white sneakers and started my hunt for the right one. I really though the Adidas resold superstars where going to be my favourite and it turned out not to be the one.

I purchased the Marciano leather white sneakers and really like the look of those, however the quality was not there and the sole came out within the first week. And then a month and a half ago I randomly decided to try on these converse while looking for sandals in Town Shoes and I’ve been in love ever since.


If you’re a flat foot beauty like myself, and have never blessed your feet with wearing converse, please give them a try. They are hands down the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn thanks to the padded sole. I’ve literally worn these everyday since I bought them. I wear heels all day at work and as soon as I am done I slip these on and it’s the best feeling, it beats the relief of taking your bra off after a long day.

From the fashion side, these shoes are amazing because they literally look good with everything.And most importantly they fit perfectly in with my spring/summer uniform (tank dress and a jean jacket). I’ve come to the decision that I need more colours in my life, next on the list is to get them in the black.


Outfit Details

Dress-Zara Strappy Dress

Jacket-Similar Here

Shoes-Chuck Taylor All Start Low Lean Men


Hope you guys enjoyed this quick post leave a comment below letting me know what you think. Am I the last one to hop on the converse bandwagon? Is there another sneaker I must get? Whats your go to summer shoe? Let me know.

-Shanique xo


The Best Skincare Tag

As I have currently really been into my skin care and have fallen involve with some new products over the last six months I though it was time I finally did this tag. Now this is a tag that has gone around on YouTube ( started by Ashley and Sandra ) and of all the tags I’ve watched this one was my favourite. Not sure if anyone crosses over YouTube tags into the blogging world but here goes nothing.


What is your skin type?

My Skin type is dry and when it comes to winter, it is extremely dry. I also have eczema, however my flare ups  have  decreased severely the older I’ve gotten.

What is your skin care product storage?

All my skin care is stored in these metallic baskets on a trolley, they are organized in terms of everyday use, not so everyday and samples/ products to try.

Fave Ingredient?

Due to my dry skin, the ingredient I love the most and look for in products is hyaloronic acid. It is extremely hydrating and lightweight and I find that my skin gets along really well with products containing it.

Most Indulgent product?

Previously, the most indulgent product in my skin care routine would have been the  Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment serum. However, In my current skin care routine, my most indulgent product is the Peter Thomas Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cream moisturizer. I am so in love  with this highly hydrating, light weight moisturizer. It absorbs quickly, keeps my skin plump  and supple and makeup sits beautifully on top of it even without a primer.

Best Budget Buy?

My best budget buy is hands down the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads. You get 60 pads for $50, making each pad around $0.83 and add-on how amazing they work at exfoliation my skin and making it smooth and bright, they are a steal.

Any Tools?

I currently am not using any tools in my routine but there are some I have my eye on .


Best Mask(s)?

So I am cheating and I am choosing two mask, reason be, I never really used mask consistently until I found these two and now  I am hooked. They are the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask mud and 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask. I love them because I actually see a difference when I use them, I think they do what the claim to do and really that’s all we ask for from our products.

Best Multi-Use?

Hands down this category goes to the Caudalie Grape Water Spray. The reason for that is because I not only use it on my face but also on my body. I love to use this to re-hydrate my skin before applying products as I find that the skin, then, better absorbs the other product.

Favourite Brand?

Cheating again as I am choosing three (3) brands because I can not just choose one. my top three (3) brands are Peter Thomas Ross, Sunday Riley and Origins.

Best Spot Treatment?

I am not and have never use a spot treatment , unfortunately I have no first hand knowledge on spot treatments.

Favourite Skin Care routine Step?

My favourite part of my skin care is cleansing my skin, nothing beats having your makeup off and your skin fresh washed. My current favourite face wash is the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Cleanser, I love the texture and how soft it is, It gathers amazingly and gets rid of all the traces of makeup on the skin.


Skin Care Wish list?

Clarisonic Mia Fit

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum

Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence

Hope you enjoyed this tag, feel free to answer the questions in the comment section, I would love to know what you guys are using.



TikTok D-I-Y

My new favourite DIY scalp and face mask

I cannot be the only one that was fighting the TikTok urge and then got sucked in! It’s so easy to get lost on this app. With that being said I came across a scalp and face mask recipe from @caroviee that I just had to try.

This DIY mask is for the scalp, for me I replace the peppermint essential oil in the original recipe for tea tree oil instead but you can use and essential oil you would like just depends on what your hair needs.

I applied the bas to my scalp, covered my hair with a plastic cap and let it soak for 20 mins before I proceeded to wash my hair out. The two things I noticed right away while washing my hair was that my scalp was very clean and not irritated. But more shocking for me, was how soft and manageable my new growth was. Normally when my relaxer is this grown out and I was my hair I get tangles in the roots that take forever to untangle but I had no such problem with his wash. I will definitely be implementing this scalp pre-poo moving forward because I am honestly so shocked by the results. Even days later my roots a significantly more manageable than I have ever known them to be in their natural state. Also if you have eczema (like me) or just dry irritated scalp, I would highly recommend this mask/scrub.

This is definitely my favourite D-I-Y face mask I’ve come across so far. I have realized that although I don’t like the taste of honey, my skin does. Especially combined with the lemon, my skin was visibly brighter and hydrated. The apple cider vinegar and the cinnamon helped to exfoliate the skin. After letting it sit on my skin for twenty minutes I wet my fingers and massage the mask onto my face (cinnamon particles exfoliated the skin) before rinsing it off with cool water to close those pores. The consistency is a little runny so make sure to lay down and enjoy the moment.

My skin and hair the next day.

Hope you guys try out these mask and let me know below how you like them. What DIY mask have you tried, I would love to know 🙂

Shanique xo~

Raffia Bag Obsession: Boho Bags Review

Handmade Bags From Bali

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


If you’ve been on any form of social platform this spring and summer, you would have seen straw/raffia bags everywhere. And if your like me, you wanted to get your hands on a really cool one to style up. BohoBags is where you need to go if you want some authentic, amazing quality hand-made bags.

I randomly came across them on Instagram and ordered right away on a total whim and I’ve never been so happy with an impulse buy in life, ever.

The bags are reasonably priced (in USD) and the shipping was fast, I received my bags in about a week no thanks to some delivery mishaps with DHL.


The bag that initiated the order is this round rattan bag (medium-white braid), I love this bag so much. It was trendy but different and so me,it’s the perfect creamy white colour that’s not stark and goes with everything. The leather snap closure,long strap is such a plus, they are both beautiful design elements and completely functional.

Hands down the bags are exceptionally made, the craftsmanship is stunning, not a stitch is  out of place. BUT…. the absolute best part of these bags are the linings. For some reason most straw bags are not lined, the ones I have from other brands are not, but these are and I love that. Not only are the linings functional and keeps things from slipping out the bag, but the are also stunning fabrics.


The second bag I ordered was the rectangular rattan bag in the aurora colour. I bought this with the intension that it would be a great evening bag and it absolutely is. However I have used it everyday for about a week straight and I love it. It’s defiantly a bag that makes you only bring what you actually need but yet it holds so much and goes with everything.


Shoppable Links

Rectangular Rattan Bag

Rattan Bag – White Braid

Outfit Links

Red Top

Pink Candi Pants


Vogue Sunglasses

NoraNYC sunglasses   use code NewShades for 10% off


Hope you guys enjoyed this quick review of these bags from Bohobags, I really like supporting artisan brands and I mean it doesn’t get better than hand-made. Check them out, the quality and prices are great and the shipping was fast. Side note, I did pay $22 in duty  fees, so if you live in Canada too, there’s a good chance you will have to pay duties aswell.

Comment below and let me know if you too have been loving the straw bag trend and where have you found good ones. Stay tune for the next postcard to see where I got up to next and if you haven’t yet seen the one from Antigua, here you go Post Card From : Antigua

~xo Shanique

Post Card From : Antigua

A Day On The Beautiful Island Of Antigua

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


To kick off this day in Antigua, I had a yoga class on the ship and it was hands down the hardest yoga class I have ever taken. With that said, it was absolutely amazing and had me in the perfect mood to enjoy a beautiful beach day.


After being picked up by my Uncle and stocking up and home cooked fried fish and festival we headed to Darkwood beach. This beach is on the Southwest cost of the island near Jolly Harbour and it was stunning. Hands down the clearest water of all the beaches I visited on this cruise. On this particular day the sun was hiding out so the water was pretty cold but it was beautiful and there was no seaweed in sight.


They also had this really cool area in the water where it was like a giant bouncy house of slides and other activities that I sadly forgot to get a photo of it ( such a bad blogger). But I imagine kids would absolutely love that, I myself found it very hard to resist.


It’s not contest in regards of water, although much colder, Antigua definitely has much clearer waters than Saint Thomas. However they lack in the amenities, Coki Beach in Saint Thomas definitely had far more activities and shops of various food options (like ice cream).


This beautiful one piece is from AerieSwim and I love it, if you’re a small girl who finds oone pieces usually don’t fit well, check them out. They have been my go to spot for swimwear for about 3 years now and they never disappoint.


  Some Of My Favourites

*links used below are affiliate links, see Disclaimer for more details*


Outfit Link

White Smocked One Piece


It was such a relaxed day, the vibe and people were just so chilled and it was great seeing family I haven’t since I was little. I can’t wait to go back and really get to explore the island and tell you guys all about it, especially more about the local culture.

One thing I did notice while we drove thorough the town was they had little like Itty bitty gas stations that were literally like on the site walk, I was fascinated by that for some odd reason.

If you are loving this “Post Card From” series let me know in the comments below. If you have been to Antigua before, how did you like it? Stay tune for the next post card to see where I went next, and If you haven’t seen it already, head over tot he new YouTube channel (Notquiteabeautyguru) and check out my first video.


~xo Shanique


Summer Trend: Crayola Chic

Just give me the whole 64 colour box

photography: Shaquille Pesso


As trendy as pastels have been, designers have really dove right into the crayola box this season with all the bold shades. I know colour can often be very intimidating but I am completly inlove with this trend, and this outfit would have my six year old self so proud.


The dolce vita collection from Marciano was definely a nod to this trend, they took classica styles and punched them up with this crayola chic explosion. The bright floral pattern and it’s burst like effect, reminds me of the crayola blow pens I had as a child , and the crazy prints they created.

Outfit Links

  • *Affliate links used, see Disclaimer for more information.

Dolce Vita Shirt

Dolce Vita Shorts

This entire outfit is now on sale, click the links about to grab them before their gone.

This ring and anklet are from New Desire NYC, and I am so inlove with them. They are good qualty, beautiful designs and affordable. Ive literally not taken them off since I got them a week ago and I am genienly inpressed.

Shop Here

Use code “shanique20” for 20% off


If colour is not your friend I would start with accessories in bold hues as thAt is always a safe bet when working with colour.



If your like me and are not afraid to dive right in then here are some clothing pieces I think yo0u should check out.



A bold lip and/or nails is an even safer way to incorporate this bold colour trend and express yourself while your at it.


How are you feeling about this crayola trend? What are your favourite bold pieces to spice up an outfit? Let me know in the comments below what trends for the summer your tryign out.
~ Happy Shopping~
Shanique xo

Post Card From: Saint Thomas

A day at the beach 

Photography: Shaquille Pesso 


The first day of  the cruise landed us on the beautiful island of Saint Thomas. In another life I must have been a mermaid because I love the water and so it was only natural to have a beach day.

On our way to Coki Beach, the driver stopped at this lookout point on the road which is where I capture this stunning photo of the scenery you see above. There where locals selling food and souvenirs and they were very friendly but not pushy.


Coki Beach


The beach was absolutely beautiful, the sand was white and as you can see in the pictures the water was crystal clear and stunning. The only little downside was that there was a lot of seaweed in the water. The driver had already informed us that alot of the beaches were closed due to how much seaweed had washed up on the shores but Coki Beach was one of the better ones.

If you visit this beach I highly recommend trying the ice cream, it was so delicious and they had grapenut, which, if you’re from an island you’ll understand what North America is missing out on.



The swimwear I am wearing is from Zaful, and I love this so much, it is so stunning. I love the shade of yellow (trendy), the smocking detailing (SUPER trendy) and the off the shoulder silhouette is everything. Hands down my most complimented swimwear of  this trip.

With that said, the most talked about part of this day was my cover up which is a sarong I tied around my neck. A a group we opted to rep our Jamaican roots by being decked out in the colours of the flag, and I loved it.



Yellow Bikini

Ray Bans



Taxi’s from the ports charge round trip fees which you pay at the end (roughly $8 per person)

The fee for taxi depends on which beach you choose out of whats offered.

When your dropped off you give the driver a time in which to pick you back up from the beach.

Everything is charged in USD.


Saint Thomas is a beautiful place that is now on my list of places I want to explore more of, but I loved this bite size snapshot and I am excited to visit again but for much longer.


Stay tune to see where I went next on this island hopping trip,let me know in the comments what you think. Where have you traveled so far this summer or where are you planning to?

Bon Voyage