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Shan Nail It Custom Press-On Nail Review

I know I am not the only one who just had to get their gels off because they were grown out and not attractive at all. In the beginning (before line ups became a thing) I ran into Shoppers Drug-mart to grab some essentials I didn’t have to take of my gels, that was cute and all but nothing competes with a professional skill set I don’t have.

When I saw Shan Nail It announce she was coming out with custom press on nails, I jumped all over it.

The process was very simple, orders are placed on the shan.nailedit instagram page by sending a DM. There are 3 size/shapes available and you can send a photo of the design you want for your set, She does deliveries in the GTA as well as shipping. I sent my order in pretty late one night and got them four days later.

I love the face that in your bag you receive a nail file, block, glue and an alcohol wipe pad as well as instructions for how to prep your natural nails and how to apply the press- on. The best part is, they can be re-used if you take care when removing them.

The nail glue you get in the kit works well and feel secure, but if you clumsy and hard on your hands like I am, I found that the Magic brand nail glue (pink and black bottles from the beauty supply stores) has a much strong hold and I don’t have to be careful with them. With that being said they’ll be more work to take off when using this glue. You can probably fine it on Amazon, I was stocked piled from using them for my braids for the last two years.

I would highly recommend these press ons, they were beautifully made, my nails looked and felt as though I had gotten them sone professionally. And once outside is open up I will definitely be making appointments with Shan Nail It. I have no problems spending my money on quality work, especially when it comes from a young black female entrepreneur .

I can see myself ordering more even beyond lockdown, these would be so great for quick trips and as a back up for when you’re simply too busy to book an appointment. Or better If you have a job where you can’t have nails, this would be great for weekends trips and vacations (My Mom already said this is what’s she’s doing from now on because she too can’t have nails at her job). If you live in Toronto I really hope you check her out and support and if your outside the city, DM her, I know she’s also doing shipment for the press ons.

If you enjoyed this post leave a like and comment below let me know what you think. How have you been keeping your nails in shape durning this time?

Shanique xo~

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