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April Favourites: Beauty & Skincare

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Here’s what I have loved this past month

I hope everyone is enjoiying the beautiful weather we are experienincng here in Toronto on the glorious saturday. If not, I hope the weather is good were ever in the world you are. I’ve have been consistently using most of these products for a few months now and some for a little over a month and I am obsessed so lets get into it.



Since the year started I have been switching between Dior’s poison girl and Narcisco Rodriguez eau de perfume but lately it’s My Burberry Blush that I can’t stop wearing. It’s to the point now that I have to actively make and effort to wear something else but seeing as I am already halfway through the bottle it’s clear I’m  losing that battle. If your like me and you like more masculine scents, this is a fresh floral twist in that without being over powering.

Narcisco Rodriguez        Dior Poison Girl       My Burberry Blush  



If you have been reading the blog or following my social media account you would have seen that I cut my hair really short in March and I have been loving the low maintain style. I needed styling products that would keep my hair styled all week without touch ups but keep my hair hydrating in the process and so I decided to try out the brand Lotto Body and I’m loving these products and they smell soon good.

Fortify Me Strengthening Leave in: I’ve come to love very liquid leave in this past year and that remains true even with the new cut. I love that it is light weight but effective and keeps my hair moisturize all week.

Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk : Again I love how light weight this moisturizer is and how long (a week) it keeps my hair hydrated.

Wrap Me Foaming Mousse:  I was on the hunt at the time for a mouse to use to set my hair that would give me the hold i needed without making my hair hard ad crunchy and this did just that.

Leave In           Curl & Style Milk        Foam Wrap

Skin/Body Care

Olay Daily Facial Dry Cloths: Talk about a lazy girl staple, I love these so much ,unlike wipes you don’t have to worry about them drying out, there already dry just add water. These cloths removes all makeup (including waterproof mascara) and cleanses the skin, very simple yet effective.

Pixi Glow Tonic: this is my 3rd bottle of this toner and it’s hands down the best toner I have come across. It’s gentle while ridding your skin of makeup reside and impurities all while it exfoliates the skin with 5% glycollic acid.

Pixi Glow Mist: I use this in place of an essence or serum as a layer of moisture and have love it. This is my second bottle since August last year and I don’t see myself stopping the use of this product anytime soon. If you have dry skin this is amazing, you can even apply it after makeup to boost your skin’s glow.

Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream: Of all the eye creams I have used over the year this is my favourite because it’s just so simple to the point. It adds moisture and de-puffs the eye, and I love the packaging as it stays sanitized and the applicator feels amazing on your under eyes.

Clarins Hydra-Essential Moisturizer: This has been my go to moisturizer, I love that it’s light weight without being a gel and infuses the skin with a lot of moisture but is light weight and not sticky.

L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream: This is one of those products I’ve heard about for yeas but didn’t know I needed it. It is so hydrating and thick but it’s not sticky and gross. Now $30 for a hand cream is steep but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s worth and and I’ll be buying another when I run out. Also weird enough I love how the packaging gets all dented when you use it, it’s only very satisfying.

L’Occitane Hand Cream   Clinique Eye Cream   Clarins Moisturizer   Pixie Glow Tonic

Pixie Glow Mist   Olay Facial Cloths



BareMinerals BarePro foundation : I got this literally because every beauty guru had this foundation in their best of 2017 videos so I had to get my hands on it. I am so glad I did because as much as I don’t care for fuller coverage foundations I like this one because it is light weight, medium to full coverage and wears very long. I love the finish, it’s natural and it doesn’t look dry and cakey on my skin.

Mac Face and Body: I have been loving this for more daily wear since last summer and that hasn’t change, for a while I wasn’t wearing any base makeup but lately I have been reaching for this one and I love it.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: This is a tried and true favourite and although I have tried out a few different brands these last few months, I found myself back to my old favourite this last month.

BareMinerals BareSkin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer: With the sun slowly making appearances my urge for a summer glow has been in full effect and nothing gives you a nice glow healthy bronze quite like this product. Even when I don’t wear makeup I put some of this on just to add some life and dimension to my face.

Essence Light Up Your Face Luminzer Palette:  I’ve always like essence’s highlighters but they were always a part of limited edition collections so when I saw this pallet in the permanent collection two months ago I had to have it. I have not stop using this palette on a daily basis especially the shade on the right hand side.


BarePro Foundation   NARS Concealer  MAC Foundation


Lip Products

Clarins Instant Light Lip comfort Lip Oil: If you’re a longtime reader of my blog you know how I feel about lip olds, these Clarins ones are my favourite and I have been loving this tangerine flavour so much I’m almost thought the bottle. Read More

Revlon Lip Butter: These are one of my favourite lip products of all time and Pink truffle being my favourite this is my fourth or fifth tube over the years. This has been my go to lip colour when I don’t want to fuss about it. It offers moisture and the perfect my lips but better colour for me.

Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour: I receive this rose blush shade for christmas and it has been my favourite lipstick to wear ever since. The formulating is moisturizing and the colour payoff is very good, especially with how long the colour last on the lips.

Two Faced Sweet Peach  Lip Gloss: This formula of lip gloss has become my favourite in the last year. The shade Papa don’t peach has been my go to nude lipgloss that I literally wear it with everything almost everyday.


Clarins Lip Oil   Too Faced Lip Gloss


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I hope you enjoyed my run down of my current favourites, let me know what some of your current favourites are in the comment section below. All links are shoppable so happy shopping.


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