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Most worn Essiential : White Sneakers

I Think I Fell In love With Converse?

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


This year I went from owning no sneakers to falling for white sneakers and started my hunt for the right one. I really though the Adidas resold superstars where going to be my favourite and it turned out not to be the one.

I purchased the Marciano leather white sneakers and really like the look of those, however the quality was not there and the sole came out within the first week. And then a month and a half ago I randomly decided to try on these converse while looking for sandals in Town Shoes and I’ve been in love ever since.


If you’re a flat foot beauty like myself, and have never blessed your feet with wearing converse, please give them a try. They are hands down the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn thanks to the padded sole. I’ve literally worn these everyday since I bought them. I wear heels all day at work and as soon as I am done I slip these on and it’s the best feeling, it beats the relief of taking your bra off after a long day.

From the fashion side, these shoes are amazing because they literally look good with everything.And most importantly they fit perfectly in with my spring/summer uniform (tank dress and a jean jacket). I’ve come to the decision that I need more colours in my life, next on the list is to get them in the black.


Outfit Details

Dress-Zara Strappy Dress

Jacket-Similar Here

Shoes-Chuck Taylor All Start Low Lean Men


Hope you guys enjoyed this quick post leave a comment below letting me know what you think. Am I the last one to hop on the converse bandwagon? Is there another sneaker I must get? Whats your go to summer shoe? Let me know.

-Shanique xo


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  1. I never owned a pair of Converse until recently and now I want them in just about every color! Great post!

    1. Right there like Pokemon lol gotta catch em all, thank you

  2. nina webb says:

    Such a true post! I wear my white adidas all the time 🙌🏻

  3. I literally bought a pair of white sneakers (last year!) and have no idea how to style them! This post helped a lot!! 🙂

    1. I know the feeling, glad I could help. I definetly find that I love the way white sneakers look with dresses.

  4. Great outfit, I love your converse sneakers!

    1. Thank You, they are kinda awesome 🙂

  5. Shaquille Pesso says:

    I own a pair of converse and I can say they are extremely comfortable, great shoes for people with flat foot. Love the post and they look amazing on you 😁.

  6. Love!! ❤️

  7. Love that distressed denim jacket!!
    Follow back?

    1. Right I’m obsessed with it!
      yea definitely 🙂

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